Owners and employees of six Toronto dispensaries fined by Courts

The City of Toronto has announced that six cannabis dispensaries, targeted in May’s Project Claudia raids, have seen staff convicted and fined in court.”Employees and owners from six marijuana dispensaries have pleaded guilty to Planning Act and Licensing By-law charges arising from the May 26, 2016 enforcement efforts of the Toronto Police Service in partnership with the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division,” a statement attributed to Tammy Robbinson from the city’s Municipal Licensing & Standards department read.

Robbinson wrote that the Ontario Court of Justice has imposed sentences of between $1,000 for employees and $4,000 for dispensary owners.

“In addition, the Courts have imposed Prohibition Orders under the Planning Act and the City of Toronto Act, Probation Orders under the Provincial Offences Act, and Closing Orders under the City of Toronto Act,” the statement read. “The Closing Order means that the property location is immediately closed ‘for any business use involving the sale of any form of edible marijuana foodstuffs intended for human consumption’ for up to two years. The fines are designed to deter repeat offences and ensure that the defendants do not reopen or continue to work at the marijuana dispensaries that are illegal in Toronto.”

In an email, Robbinson detailed the six dispensaries and specific fines incurred:

WeeMedical Dispensary (1602 Eglinton Ave)

  • Employee fined $550 in addition to a probation order

Tweeder (353 Eglinton Ave)

  • Employee fined $750 in addition to prohibition and probation orders

416 Medicinal Health (850 King St W)

  • Owner fined $1,500 in addition to a closure order and $2,500 in addition to a prohibition order

The Scarborough Dispensary

  • Employee fined $1,000 in addition to a prohibition order

UP! Café (1792 Eglington Ave)

  • Owner fined $2,500 in addition to a prohibition order

York Dispensary (1478 Eglinton Ave)

  • Employee fined $850

“These amounts do not include the provincial victim fine surcharge,” Robbinson noted. “This means that the fines will have an additional 25% in victim fine surcharge.”

Robbinson wrote that the city is continuing to investigate and take enforcement action against dispensary owners, operators and employees of  dispensaries, as well as against the property owners where the dispensaries are located.

There are 210 charges currently before the courts.