Roor says its taking a hit with trademark infringement

Roor is saying no more to people ripping off their bongs.

The German specializing in high-end pipes and bongs has filed nearly 200 lawsuits in the past four years to protect its trademark against head shop owners and other retailers in California, Florida and New York for allegedly selling counterfeit products bearing the company’s name, according to the Associated Press.

The company holds U.S. Trademark No. 3675839 to protect its smoking accessories sold with the Roor mark – the company’s name with the second “r” capitalized and facing backward similar to the Toys “R” Us logo.

The majority of the lawsuits have been filed in the past year.

But it could be difficult to prosecute possible counterfeiters because goods or services that violate U.S. federal law – including cannabis consumption equipment – can’t be trademarked.

Stores targeted by the lawsuit claim they have been asked to pay Roor from $12,000 to $16,000 USD to avoid going to court.

Read the full story by reporter Terry Spencer here.