Canopy Growth Corp is currently being heralded as Canada’s first billion dollar Cannabis company.  With the right #420Cartel Liberal party connection, it’s really no surprise they rose to the top so quickly is it?

How does this look to other countries?

How does this look to Canadians?

And the whole time, who has built canopy up?  Has it been Snoop or their clever colloquial marketing?  Has it been Rifici and his boy-next-door grin that has taken that defunct chocolate factory and turned it into $9.13 ++ per share?


It was me and you, if you are a Canadian who legally treats your health condition with medical cannabis.  It was the fibro, ms, cancer, mental health sufferers paying between $6 and $15 per gram that has risen them up and given them the respect that rising stock values affords a company these days.  Evidently, if the stocks are rising, who cares how well the company fulfills its commitments–even in healthcare.

The truly choking fact is that this merger that bore from its capitalist loins the mothership known as Tweed Main Street, gave patients NO promise of product supply at all!!  What good is a medicine manufacturer, if they can’t supply the medicine?  In fact, TMS has been up and running now for 2 weeks and thousands of patients on CBD only oil are shit out of luck for product.  And I guess that’s satisfactory business activity in healthcare?

Meh, it’s only weed we’re talkin’ about, not that big a deal.

Except it is a big deal for anyone who has stopped taking their conventional meds because Cannabis oil has replaced them.  Now what are they going to do?  The rules state that you are registered with one producer from which to buy your meds, so now thousands of Canadians are without legal access to Cannabis oil.  That never happens with pills because our ministry of health never allows it to happen.  So we see once again that those ingesting pills for medicine get more respect than those ingesting this plant.

In fact, I wonder if our national healthcare costs are feeling the pinch yet?  How long till patients who can’t buy oil from Tweed, Mettrum, or Bedrocan eventually make their way to Emergency rooms wasting precious minutes and healthcare dollars in hospitals country-wide?  Likewise, I wonder if the dispensaries are feeling the surplus of high sales of CBD oil since this mothership merger that boasted so much has failed so epicly.  Patients were led to believe that staying with one of these companies as their main supplier of medicinal cannabis would be a good thing.  Were they ever wrong.

In the end, if your stocks went up because of this merger, know that sick Canadians suffer so you can profit.  And when we look back on this time in history, students will wonder how we were able to call this a democracy when those making the regulations were allowed to then profit so blatantly from their decisions.  Money is being allowed to trump humanity at every single turn.  I really thought we were different Canada.


“One Angry Canadian Patient”


  • bob

    haha. you expected different from these assholes.????….they are x or current beauracrats..useless self serving shits all of them…..the most feared 10 words in the English language????HI WE’RE THE GOVERNMENT AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP…… letting government trained people in any real business situation and pure uselessness is what you get…..and of course disdain for the COMMON MAN

    • Doris

      The best cannabis product will win…always does!

      LP’s don’t stand a chance…;?)

      • Josh Russell

        Exactly what I said Doris. Even with their 10 years of experience, the LP’s still don’t have any idea how to grow. They only want growers who have some fancy horticulture paper work from a government brainwashing facility. Instead of hiring knowledgeable BM growers who wrote the book on cannabis growing in BC. No one that I knows who has their card is still buying from the horrible LP’s. The quality of Aurora in Alberta here is a joke. It tastes like cardboard and does nothing for you.

        • Robert Wright

          I agree with every comment made here it’s a shame some people will be sucked in by all this bullshit.

  • Robert Wright

    I said right from the begining this was a scam it’s not about protecting the children ,if I hear Trudeau go into his protecting the children speech one more time I will vomit again.
    These bozo’s wouldn’t know what good weed looked like if they got run over by a truckload of it.
    They hire agricultural college graduates thinking they would be able to grow and produce for them ,you don’t need a college education you need years of experience , growing in a small room full of plants is a lot easier than growing on a large scale .
    Their will be a whole generation 18 or 19 year old’s that will think the LP shit is the best weed until they run into an oldie like me that share’s some real weed with them then these ass hat government protected stooges will have to sell it for 50 cents a gram just to get rid of it they will probably end up making low grade oil out of it.
    They will either learn to grow good weed or they will be claiming bankruptcy they can throw all the money they want at it but if they don’t know what they are doing they will fail.