Sisters of the Valley Grow Cannabis to “Save the World”

A group of women that choose to dress like nuns and call themselves the Sisters of the Valley aren’t affiliated with any religion, but believe in the healing power of CBD oil.

The sisters live in northern California, where they grow and cultivate CBD rich cannabis to produce tinctures, oils and salves for sale on Etsy, describing themselves as “activists who are on a mission to heal the world.”

Their beliefs extend to their growing techniques, which involve growing “by the power of the moon cycles, in a spiritual environment.”

The Sisters have received a flurry of massive media attention, causing their sales to outpace production, but new cannabis laws in Merced, Califorina that ban the sale and cultivation of cannabis in the area, threaten their business.

Sister Kate, who adopted the name and started dressing as a nun during the Occupy movement, said she felt disrespected by the local council decision to ban businesses like her own, and may leave the industry altogether.

“We’d have to move out of the city, but moving into the county isn’t a great option because they have taken a similar position,” Kate said.