Smoke a joint for your health!

Smoking is bad for you… except sometimes.

Smoking a joint can be better for your health than not smoking anything at all; It can be even better for your body than ingesting cannabis in a different way…It just depends on the reason.

One day, your body may just need you to turn on some Hendrix while you fire up a fat doobie for a variety of medical benefits… 

It’s easy to forget that sometimes smoking isn’t bad, in fact, it is life-saving…

1, If you need relief FAST

The concept of quick release medicine and the need for it has been established. Cannabis is medicine and therefore should be treated with the same respect.

Similar to pharmaceuticals, individual cannabis dosing, the method of ingestion, and the effect can greatly vary from person to person.

For those requiring quick relief, inhalation is the fastest available method of ingestion.

Through the alveoli or air sacks in the lungs, THC cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream in a rapid and high concentration, giving you a rapid “high”.

For an epileptic feeling a grand mal seizure coming on, being able to quickly inhale their medicine and prevent it is critical and not something to be taken for granted.

2, If you have a condition affecting your eyes

Research continues to show that smoking cannabis can be extremely effective at reducing intraocular eye pressure; in fact, smoking a joint is often times more effective than all the other available options.

People suffering from Glaucoma, cancers in and around the eyes, radiation side effects and migraines are all getting relief from puffing on a doobie and in many cases, avoiding dangerous and invasive options.

3, If you want to control your dose

Thanks to the quick release offered by inhalation, you will know the strength of the effect within a very short period of time. A variety of incurable medical conditions rely on controlling their symptoms by recognizing flare-ups and shutting them down.

If you have a flare up from a condition such as Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis, catching it with medicine quickly will do nothing if it is not the right dose; being able to have a few tokes, wait a few minutes and see how you feel is critical.

4, If you need an expectorant (something to make you cough stuff up, specifically from the lungs)

I know a man with Cystic Fibrosis and he is a healthy 40 years old. The life expectancy for someone living with that in the developing world is not very high and 80% of people die from lung infections. Essentially, CF causes your lungs to slowly fill with mucus. There is no cure.

If you ask my friend why he is alive today he will tell you that it is because when he uses his vaporizer, he coughs up everything that’s clogging his lungs.

He will cough violently which is quite common for him; people with CF are constantly feeling like they can never catch a full breath, like they are slowly drowning.

The best part of using cannabis as an expectorant is the quick, calming effect; He may cough from the lung irritation but the sudden release of cannabinoids immediately relaxes him mentally as well as physically and he doesn’t panic.

So remember, smoking can be bad for you, in certain circumstances…unless it’s good for you (which is common) and in that case, light it up friend.