Snoop takes aim at Trump in new video

Snoop Dogg has literally taken aim at Donald Trump in a new video. Or at least a clown-faced lookalike named Ronald Klump.

In the video for the rapper’s remix of “Lavender” by the jazz group BadBadNotGood, which uses a running theme of people wearing clown makeup, Snoop puts a fake novelty gun to Klump’s head and pulls the trigger, revealing a cartoon-style “bang” banner. Klump clearly survives the encounter though, and is later seen bound in chains while Snoop and his crew pass around a spliff.

President Trump, as he often does, took to Twitter to express his anger.


While Trump is correct in his assessment that Tha Doggfather would no doubt be heading to jail if he had in fact shot someone in the head – president or not – it seems unlikely the rapper would be locked up when it’s only make believe.

The new video — which had wracked up 5.5 million views at the time of this posting — also takes on the drug war and regular police shootings “from a black man’s point of view.”

You can watch the video in full and the offending moment at around the three-minute mark below:

Snoop has yet to respond  but “failing” is an odd choice to describe his career. The 45-year-old earned roughly $165 million in the past decade, putting him in tenth place on Forbes’ list of the Top-Earning Hip-Hop Acts Of The Decade.

Ten years ago Trump had nothing but praise for the man. On season six of his former job as host of The Apprentice, Trump awarded the winning team of one of his challenges to create a freestyle rap with Snoop, who he described as “the greatest” and “one of the nation’s best-selling hip-hop artists.”

However, in 2011 Snoop took part in Comedy Central’s roast of Trump and took a shot at what was then considered his far-fetched presidential ambitions as well as the real estate mogul well-documented history of discriminating against African-American tenants.

“Donald’s saying he wants to run for president and move into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve pushed a black family out of their home.”