Rare & Strange Medical Disorders Crossword Puzzle

The human body is super duper weird. It’s a complex, intricate puzzle of functions coming together and creating life. Sometimes, the most bizarre things can go wrong. For the unlucky people who live with rare medical disorders, life is harder in the strangest ways. The worst part is that physically, you know something is going on but most of the time, you don’t know why. It can be hard to pinpoint a rare and strange medical disorder because most people don’t know they exist…

Before going any further into this subject, let’s see what you know about rare medical disorders. Try the crossword below and be ready to think outside the box. It’s all about unusual medical conditions and if you don’t know an answer, you’ll find it below in the puzzle. Expect to be surprised with this crossword puzzle about rare medical disorders!

1. When getting naked with a partner, you might have BLANK rhinitis if you find yourself aroused and develop a stuffy nose.
2. Caused by vasoconstriction, a sexually prompted stuffy nose usually clears up after BLANK.
3. Sexual arousal triggers the BLANK nervous system.
4. If your brain fluid is slowly dripping from your BLANK, you have a cerebral spinal fluid leak.
5. Auto brewery syndrome is a condition that causes BLANK after eating carbohydraterich foods.
6. Also known as gut fermentation syndrome, pure BLANK is produced in the person's stomach due to an excess of yeast. Starts with 'E'
7. BLANK accent syndrome is an extremely rare condition often caused by a brain injury.
8. Fish BLANK syndrome, also known as trimethylaminuria, causes a person's sweat breath and urine to smell like rotting fish.

Foreign accent syndrome is a real and extremely rare medical disorder caused by a brain injury or stroke. It’s a speech impediment that happens when there is damage to the language coordination center of the brain. Recorded accent changes have included Spanish to Hungarian, English to French, and Japanese to Korean.

Runny nose or not?

Honeymoon rhinitis is a condition that causes you to develop a stuffy nose every time you are aroused. There are small structures in our nose called turbinates, that cleanse and humidify the air we breathe. It just so happens that they contain erectile tissue. 

Here’s how this rare medical disorder symptoms come:

  • Sexual arousal triggers the sympathetic nervous system, causing vasoconstriction. 
  • Erectile tissue present within the nose swells, causing congestion.
  • There is less blood flow to the nose because it’s going to other places. So the congestion remains.
  • Post orgasm, blood flow returns to normal and the nasal congestion clears up.
rare medical disorders

Is my brain leaking?

A cerebral spinal fluid leak is a very serious condition that carries a high risk of meningitis. It’s very treatable and 85% of cases clear up by themselves in the first week. CSF leaks happen when the fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord leak out of your nose. Usually caused by a traumatic injury or genetic factors, a small hole forms in the membrane containing this fluid. As a result, a clear thin fluid drips out of the nose and causes severe headaches at the back of the head. A CSF leak is different from a standard runny nose in two noticeable ways:

  1. If you wipe your nose with a tissue, the fluid will not stiffen.
  2. The runny nose will become noticeably worse during certain positions such as bending over to put on shoes.


Auto brewery syndrome is a condition that causes intoxication after eating carbohydrate-rich foods. Also known as gut fermentation syndrome, pure ethanol is produced in the person’s stomach due to an excess of yeast.

This medical disorder sucks…

Fish odor syndrome, also known as trimethylaminuria, causes a person’s sweat, breath, and urine to smell like rotting fish. It’s caused when the body is unable to break down the compound trimethylamine. As a result, it builds up in the body until it is excreted. Trimethylamine has been described as smelling like decaying fish, hot garbage, and rotten eggs; sadly, so do the people with this condition.

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