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Success With Cannabis Suppositories

I know. This can be awkward… for you maybe but not for me. In fact, I have seen some pretty interesting facial expressions during these conversations, undoubtedly due to my level of comfort with the topic.

Oftentimes, people think I am a bit of an oddball because I publicly and actively advocate for cannabis suppositories. I am completely okay with this for the very important reason that the stigma surrounding cannabis suppositories is killing people.

Working at a completely medicinal dispensary, I watched a 30-year-old man avoid having major, life-changing GI tract surgery with a consistent suppository routine. His only regret was waiting so long to use them because he felt too weird to bring up his questions. With the intention of answering any silent questions you might have and inspiring experimentation, here are some tips to help make using cannabis suppositories a success.

1, Dosing

If you’re concerned about the strength and want to start slow, use a sharp knife to cut the suppository in half lengthwise. Store whatever is not used in the fridge, in a small container or bag.

  • Note: this is an excellent option if you are concerned about the physical size of your cannabis suppository.
  • Bonus: you will save money.

2, Melt Factor

Suppositories are made to melt and that begins to happen often right out of the package. For an easy fix, run it under cold water until it re-hardens. You can do this repetitively, for as long as necessary.

3, Physical Comfort Level

Coming from experience, once you put the suppository in the right place, you will not feel it. I have heard several women relate tampon placement to suppositories and the comparison is accurate. It should be easy to forget about within a minute of being inserted and if it isn’t, it might not be in the right spot.

4, Causing BM’s

Depending on the producer, it can happen. However, I have never felt the need to go to the bathroom within less than 2 hours of using every suppository I have ever tried. As it is full of medicine, it would be extremely pointless if it caused the immediate need to void. One would never have the opportunity to absorb any of the benefits of the product in the first place.

5, It’s more common than you think.

If you get relief from your digestive issues from smoking cannabis, putting the medicine right where the problem is may drastically improve your condition. However, digestive problems often make eating a major challenge. Today, more and more people are giving this new method a try and finding miraculous results. You are not alone. Whatever questions may feel very awkward to ask have probably been heard more than enough times to desensitize your budtender completely.


If you think that cannabis suppositories might be for you, don’t miss out on something that might help you live your life to its fullest potential. After all, you’ll never know unless you try;

I hope that these tips will help make that a little bit easier.

Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar.