With 40,000 people incarcerated in US prisons for cannabis possession as of 2020, many states and local governments are beginning to rethink policy surrounding the criminal implications and punishment it still holds.

Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign
40,000 Americans remain imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis use in 2020.

Michigan Cannabis Prisoners state after legalization

Michigan is one of 13 states that has legalized recreational cannabis consumption and possession, yet still penalizes nonviolent offenders on a scale similar to severe crime. Rudi Gammo, a medical dispensary owner in Detroit that sells only to patients with valid medical cards, is currently serving a 5-year sentence in jail. Montel Williams, TV host, activist, and proud supporter of Last Prisoner Project was arrested in 2002 for having a pipe in his baggage at the Detroit Aiport. “Michigan’s failure to address restorative justice as part of legalization shocks the conscience,” he says.

Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign launched by the Last Prisoner Project

Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization feeling that same shock and has committed to restoring justice to those suffering under cannabis criminalization. Last Prisoner Project calls for the long-overdue release of nonviolent cannabis offenders from Michigan prisons as more states turn to full legalization (check out their video on it). This year, the non-profit launched the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign in partnership with the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party and the Redemption Foundation. 

Montel Williams cannabis spokesperson
Montel Williams, a longtime activist, and cannabis spokesperson says Michigan’s lack of restorative justice for cannabis imprisonment “shocks the conscience” (Culture Magazine)

The goal of the campaign is to “secure the release and record expungement” of all nonviolent cannabis prisoners in Michigan, such as Rudi Gammo – whose son was recently diagnosed with leukemia – and Michael Thompson, on his 25th year of a possible 60 years being behind bars for selling to an undercover officer. 

Support the Campaign

The campaign is beginning with a $30,000 raise for initial legal costs, plus $10,000 to provide for Gammo’s son’s treatment, but needs your support and donations to continue the momentum and help get the word out. Check out their website or the number below to donate to this empowering cause.

Support the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign
Gram of Green, Ounce of Justice: Last Prisoner Project has a variety of creative ways to donate (via Twitter)

Founding supporters of Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign

The founding supporters of the campaign include Weedmaps, C3 Indu­stries, Skymint, Redemption Cannabis, Gage Cannabis Co., The Botanical Company, Truu Cannabis, Homegrown, Driven Grow, Om of Medicine, Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, Real Leaf Solutions, Great Lakes Holistics, Northern Specialty Health, ­Fresh Coast Extracts, Bullit Budz, Midnight Roots, Sparrow Consulting, O2VAPES, Green Cross Detroit, Arbors Wellness, Act Labs, Cloud Cannabis, The Refinery, Cannrose Cannabis Co., Martin Waymire, and 3Fifteen Cannabis.

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