delta 9 house

The Delta 9 House: Portland’s 420 friendliest AirBNB

A cannabis-themed Airbnb… Yep. You read that correctly and it is as awesome as it sounds. Smoking a joint while lying in bed is just not that easy to do while on vacation. But, if you are staying in either The Indica or Sativa Room at the Delta 9 House, don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing, gonna be alright.

Run by two long time cannabis activists, Lori Duckworth and Russ Belleville, the Delta 9 House concept began with the grass roots of cannabis activism. After a very fortunate and chance meeting in California, Lori and Russ invited Ashley and I to stay at the Delta 9 House in Portland after hearing about our passion for cannabis advocacy. Lori told me in the past, many activists have relied on the kindness of each other to deal with on the road technicalities; that is what has to be done sometimes to get the word out. It was this concept of unity and noticing a need that created the Delta 9 House; a home away from home if you smoke weed.

Russ is an amazing cook and breakfast and fresh coffee is ready at 9am usually, plus, they have chickens. I have stayed twice so far and I can’t wait to go back…