Recommendations during this pandemic have shifted as science is tested and twisted. Contrary to better health, the CEO of Pepsico told Yahoo Finance they were able to release Cheetos Mac and Cheese in the middle of 2020 due to the populous gaining trust for packaged goods this year. So, is it unethical to discuss how cannabis can affect Covid-19 by supporting our microbiome health?

Antibodies and a trillion little critters in your gut

Our bodies contain 100 trillion cells that are not our own. The make-up of these cells is collectively known as our microbiome. Until recently, we thought this community of microorganisms only stretched it’s importance as far as digestion. Now, pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZeneca, have silently admitted they accidentally failed with antibiotics by not understanding the microbiome’s relationship with the immune system – we’ll skip over Super Gonorrhea.

A strong microbiome is pivotal for good antibody production, vaccine response, and strong innate immunity. In fact, Covid-19’s long-term detriments are likely, in part, caused by devastation to the microbiome (dysbiosis). Cannabinoids and terpenes can boost microbiome health, almost supplementing probiotics according to Ethan Russo. So, by that connection, moderate doses of cannabis can directly build our immunity and Covid-19 antibody response through microbiome health. This immunity must be built slowly over a long duration and demands a good diet. Although, copious quantities of probiotics and prebiotics can allegedly be consumed to some effect, with proper guidance.

  • Covid antibody (IgG & IgM) production is independent but also dependent on microbiome health.
  • CBD, THC, THCa, limonene, and pinene will directly support the entire microbiome, allowing for better antibody production when taken orally.

Better antibiotics

Viruses know health care systems more than borders. Moreover, there is a clear correlation between antibiotic use, processed food, and Covid severity.

The photo includes from top left:

  1. Global antibiotic use in agriculture – Countries high on this list are likely susceptible to dysbiosis related disease.
  2. Worldwide antibiotic use in medicine by The Economist.
  3. Global Cases of Covid (John Hopkins December 29, 2020).
  4. Packaged food and drink consumed in Europe per country per year according to The Future of European Food and Drink Packaging to 2020. (We could not find concise data on global packaged food consumption at this time.)

Bacterial contamination and insufficient medical supplies caused a large percentage of fatalities during the 1918 Spanish Flu according to a study co-authored by Anthony Fauci. Traditional antibiotics are crucial but come with major complications. Thankfully, the cannabis components, CBG, CBD, and pinene, can functionally replace certain antibiotics that destroy the microbiome and ramp Covid-19 virulence.

Pandemic microbiomes and Sars

Babies hospitalized due to influenza from 2000 to 2006

We found data in CDC reports that details the number of babies hospitalized between zero and four years of age due to influenza in the USA following Sars in late 2003. There was a 200-300 percent increase in those hospitalizations from the previous three and following two seasons. Despite current events that year, a greater number of tests were conducted in the following two influenza seasons. So, why were so many young children hospitalized with influenza in the fall of 2003 following the first Sars epidemic? Could this data directly indicate our tolerance to disease can be reduced by pandemic preparations?

If that is the case, then it is apparent the immune system loses many defenses while we brace for viral impact. Even with cannabis, our microbiomes don’t stand a chance against Covid-19 stuck behind walls of hand sanitizer in a solitary confined space locked away from the sun. A study published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported a staggering 82% of lethal Covid cases in Spain were related to Vitamin D deficiency. So, there is enough data to state the microbiome surely takes a hit during lockdowns, a major application for cannabis.

Let us know if you have thought about your microbiome health during this pandemic. And stay tuned to learn how cannabis can affect Covid vaccines.