The Top 8 Holiday gifts For Cannabis Lovers

The Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Cannabis Lovers

The Holidays are just around the corner! Like many of us, you might still be looking for that perfect last-minute gift. There is always that certain someone on your list that you might be clueless about what you can buy for them. Well, never fear, as we at CLN have done the work of coming up with the best cannabis gift ideas for all the pot enthusiasts on your list. If they are a cannabis lover, you are in luck. Read on for some of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for cannabis lovers.


Photo From Simple Accessories

This gadget is perfect for anyone who likes dry cannabis. The pen features a manual grinder on one end and storage on the other. The best part is you can use it for any spice you want to grind, not just cannabis. This little tool makes a convenient and great multi-purpose gift.

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Pot Leaf Crocs:

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So a sense of humour is required to wear these, but Crocs are a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast. They are the perfect shoes to slide your feet into, whether walking over to the local corner store for grub or a day spent at the beach.

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Cannabolish Candle:

Photo From Amazon

You don’t have to convince us here at CLN why the smell of cannabis isn’t always a bad thing, but convincing grandma on her way over for Christmas dinner… Well. If you know someone whose place always has that lingering smell of pot, this one hundred percent natural candle will freshen up the room fast. Who doesn’t love candles and avoiding awkward questions over the holidays?

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Cannabis Drink:

Photo From Indigo

You’ve had eggnog, eggnog and rum, and maybe even coquito. Why not take your festive drinks to the next level this holiday season and spice up your eggnog with this book. Learn all the secrets to making your cannabis drinks at home, and if you ask us, it’s even better than Santa’s “special” cookies.

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Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray:

Photo From Blazy Susan

Need a gift with some nostalgia? The Blazy Susan takes its name from the Lazy Susan, popular in the 80s and 90s. You may remember our parents using it as a veggie tray or holding a Tetris rig of Tupperware, but someone somewhere said: What if it held joints? Thus, Blazy Susan was born. Blazy Susan has it all: Two rolling areas, dedicated slots for stash jars, grinders, lighters and other smoking accessories.   

Check out the Blazy Susan here.

Christmas Ornament:

Photo From Amazon

Celebrate Christmas and add some funk to the Christmas tree with this perfect ornament for cannabis lovers. Make it even better by putting it into a ball with the gift recipient’s favourite strain.

Shop cannabis ornaments here.

Stoner sweater:

Photo From Etsy

Know someone who loves to keep warm on these cold winter days and enjoys both Dr. Seuss and weed? Well, this sweater speaks for itself.

For more funny sweaters, click here.

Bong Appetit:

Photo From Indigo

We may have just a bit of an obsession with good cannabis-infused food here at CLN. If you know someone else who loves edibles and cooking, Bong Appetit is both a hilarious title and the perfect way to enhance their food and learn a whole new way of cooking.

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