The Ultimate Stoner’s Guide to India (Travel Guide)

The Ultimate Stoner’s Guide to India (Travel Guide)

Cannabis isn’t officially legal in India, but it’s found everywhere. However, since cannabis is criminalized, there aren’t open discussions about it. In our ultimate stoner’s guide to India, CLN will help you navigate the ins and outs of smoking in one of the oldest cultivators of cannabis in the world

Lack of information leads to misunderstandings. So, to start breaking down myths and stereotypes here’s the perfect stoner’s travel guide to India. Let’s get started, shall we?

Even though cannabis is illegal in India, followers of Lord Shiva believe that smoking marijuana is the best way of worshipping the Lord. That’s pretty much the reason you need to justify smoking marijuana. Don’t get too excited when talking about cannabis in India, however, While the quality of bud is quite poor when compared to Canada, Indian hash is everywhere and can have a great effect.

Where is the best place to smoke cannabis in India?

Himachal Pradesh, the mountainous state in Northern India is the best place to lose yourself amidst the blanket of clouds. It’s an unreal vacation spot, but it attracts tourists for many other reasons. The mountains of Himachal produce the best hashish in all of India.

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If you’re heading to Himachal then you would probably also want to visit Manali or Kasoli. Manali witness’s inundation of shops that sell smoking articles and hippie clothes, the streets are filled with stoners who come to experience the buzzed side of India.

There are a plethora of villages you can trek through that produce good quality hashish.

Malana Cream Hash, stuff that has made India quite famous among millions of weed enthusiasts, is grown here. Unfortunately, the people of Malana have decided to ban tourists from their village for now. Luckily, Himachal is not the only place to find high-quality cannabis. I have heard Kerala is also one of the best cannabis producers in India. Idukki Gold, the golden green goodness, the legend has disappeared over time but there are other variations that are apparently as divine as the original Idukki Gold.

How to find cannabis in India?

Cost heavily depends on location. In some places, it’s unrestrained while in others you need a good connection. As a foreigner in a touristy place, there is a chance that someone could definitely walk up and offer you stuff. Otherwise, you could ask people around you — waiters, bar owners and shops sell smoking articles, but you have to be subtle while asking as police often check these establishments.

How much does cannabis cost in India?

Cannabis cost India

For a country like India, it’s hard to generalise. But of course, with a lot of digging, here’s what I have found. The price range might be as low as 250 rupees to as high as 10,000 rupees.

  • Himachal Pradesh – 2000 rupees for ten grams of homemade hash and 4000 rupees for ten grams of Manali Cream.
  • Kerala – For something as close to Idukki Gold you might have to pay 7000 rupees for 50 grams.
  • Goa – 2100 for ten grams of chemical hash.

What happens if you’re caught smoking cannabis in India?

If law enforcement catches you smoking weed, be very polite and say that you’re a foreigner and didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. Ultimately, you might have to pay. The best way to get out of a situation like that is to just ask how much the fine is. This way, you wouldn’t be directly offering a bribe. Make sure to avoid ending up in jail, things will be much easier if you settle on the spot.

On a final note, whatever you choose to do, be careful and stay safe.

Watch out for red flags and don’t smoke in obvious places. India is notorious for messing up with foreign tourists and it just escalates when it comes to weed. Indian jail is not the best place to include in your travel journal. Pro tip: smoking marijuana and exploring places is a great pastime but make sure you are carrying a sunglass (you know why). Most importantly don’t forget you are travelling to India to see the country and not smoke weed in your hotel room.

Hope this stoner travel guide to India will help you explore this historic country! Do let us know in the comment section where you would prefer smoking up — amidst the clouds or at a beach?