When it comes to using cannabis, India has been ahead of the curb for thousands of years, literally. Bhang has been enjoyed since ancient times. This is understandable considering it’s made with the female cannabis plant. Not only is it delicious, but it also gets you baked! For those of you who are missing out, here is a feature all about bhang.

What is Bhang 

Classified in the edibles category, Bhang is a cannabis drink. Some have described it as a weed milkshake, others as a lovely pot-infused, milk tea. Both are correct because bhang is an ingredient; it’s added to all sorts of food and drinks. 


How this ancient cannabis in India is made

Keep in mind, people have been making bhang for thousands of years. One could imagine all the traditions passed down on techniques for making bhang; this is just one of them. Using pestle and mortar, leaves, buds, and flower are ground up into a paste and this is added to food and drinks. 

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Drinks – Drinks made with bhang are usually mixed with milk, filtered, and then flavored with fruits, nuts, rosewater, and sugar.

Ancient traditions versus legalities

Bhang has been a customary part of Hinduism for thousands of years. Always consumed during Holi, a religious holiday also known as The Festival of Color, bhang has an important role in Indian culture. In 1961, the single convention on narcotics treaty was established internationally and unfortunately included cannabis. However, recognizing that bhang was a part of spiritual practice, bhang was never criminalized.

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The effects

Because it’s made using milk, there is enough lipid presence to activate THC within bhang. So, expect to feel an effect. But, when it comes to bhang, it’s a party with a purpose. Most of the people who regularly consume it swear that there are health benefits to be had. In fact, in rural parts of India, bhang has been the go-to used to treat a variety of ailments. Considering what we know today about cannabis and its medicinal benefits, this ancient wisdom can be backed up with science. 

If you ever get the chance to celebrate Holi, keep an eye out for bhang for sale. You get to ingest some edibles and enjoy the benefits while trying a taste of an ancient cannabis tradition of India.