Tokyo Smoke 4/20 After-Party Video

Cannabis in Canada host Alana Kindree was in attendance at Toronto’s Tokyo Smoke Found café and cannabis lounge for their 4/20 after-party.

Founder Alan Gertner said that he’s excited for Tokyo Smoke to be part of the cannabis movement during this historic moment.

“We’re incredible lucky and privileged to exist in a time, where there is so much change happening,” Gertner said. “All we want at Tokyo Smoke is for this revolution to be a positive one.”

Gertner’s vision for Tokyo Smoke is the creation of a luxury cannabis market with quality tailored to the higher-end consumer.

The upscale lounge also featured a variety of guests and products, including Tokyo Smoke’s own brand of clothing.

Globe and Mail fashion editor Odessa Parker said she thought the style was how all men should be dressing.

“It’s classic, but it’s quite modern still, it’s got a lot of great detailing to it but it’s all really subtle,” Parker said.

Kindree also highlighted guests like Shearer and Dahl, a cannabis infused chocolate maker that provides artisanal edibles to a number of dispensaries and special events.

Andrew Robinson from Alair Vaporizers, a vape operation whose products use pre-loaded and recyclable oil cartridges and reusable batteries, said his business wants to elevate the industry.

“We firmly believe that the cannabis experience can go beyond cannabis, it can be a lifestyle experience,’ Gertner said. “It’s really fun for us to do something cool, something upscale, something high quality and be part of the cannabis revolution.”

You can also view an image gallery of the event, here.