Tricks and tips for stoners looking to toke incognito

Tricks and tips for stoners looking to toke incognito

Sometimes even the stoniest stoners want to be incognito about their smoking habits. Maybe you’re not comfortable with everyone who comes to your place knowing you smoke up or just like being incognito about your habits. Here are a few tricks and tips for stoners looking to toke incognito.

smell proof containers for  stoners looking to toke incognito

Obtain smell proof containers

This one seems pretty obvious but can be a big game-changer. If your baby boomer parents come over this is a great way to minimize that sticky green goodness odour. Mason jars work pretty great but there’s also a ton of options if you hit up your local smoke shop. Anything that has a tight air seal will solve your odour problem pretty quickly.

proper air ventilation helps stoners toke incognito

Proper air ventilation goes a long way helping stoners toke incognito

This can mean anything from keeping your window open a crack, purchasing a small fan, or air circulation unit. The more airflow you can get in your smoking space the better. Hot boxing is always a good time but its not a good look to have a day-old weed smell when your date comes over to Netflix and chill.

smoking with vapes

Smoking with Vapes- Vaporizers have little to no smell

A ton of new weed technology has made it a lot easier to toke incognito wherever you are. If you enjoy vape pens, invest in a good one to have beside your bed. Nobody will suspect a thing.

use a towel

When in doubt, put a towel under your door

An old-time classic stoner trick, this one will keep the majority of your smoke odour in your own room. This little trick has saved me a few times and I’m sure it can do you a favour as well. Just ram your towel of choice through the crack in your door and light up.

All of these tricks will help to minimize other people knowing that you are blazing in your area of refuge. Smell proof jars, air ventilation, vaporizers, and the towel trick are a great start but there are plenty more ways to toke incognito. Let us know what you do to keep down the smell in the comments!