Different Strains Show
Different Strains Show

The Different Strains Show with Stickybuds

The popular Fractal Forest headliner at Shambhala Music Festival, Stickybuds, has created a weekly show called The Different Strains Show.

Every Wednesday tune in to Twitch to catch Stickybuds performing a live set on his show! During each set, there is a medley of songs Stickybuds (a.k.a. Tyler) has handpicked to set the vibe. He plays a wide variety of music from funk to junglist, house, r&b, and more! You can check out the Different Strains Playlist on Spotify here. Tyler releases new music on his show each week too.

My weekly stream show on Twitch.Tv/TylerStickybuds where I debut tons of new jams from the labels and artists I love, aswell as classics! Come join us in the chat, every Wednesday at 6 PM PDT it’s really fun!

– Tyler Stickybuds

How The Different Strains Show Began

When the world shut down due to COVID, DJs were unable to perform at festivals as no gatherings were allowed. Stickybuds wanted to come up with a new way to reach his fans. He wanted to provide people with good tunes to spread positivity and keep spirits high!

Tyler did not waste any time. When his shows were cancelled, he dove deep into the world of technology to learn new ways to entertain people. Tyler wanted to give people something to look forward to. By creating a weekly online show, he was able to do just that!

Time to tune in – He chose a time that made it possible for people across Canada (and around the world) to tune in. His show is on live at 6 PM PST, 7 PM MST, 9:00 PM EST.

Support the artists!

This is a tough time for everyone; especially those who rely on big crowds (festivals) to make a living. Artists have had to get creative or switch careers. Many artists have started a Patreon account to have a source of income. This allows the artist to keep doing what they love by having their fans subscribe to new content. Stickybuds has created a Patreon account with three tiers:

Photo from: Patreon/Stickybuds

This is a cool way for people to support the artists they love so they can keep producing for their fans!

The Show is more than just a Livestream

DJs all over the world have started doing Livestream sets. Generally, these sets are a live recording showcasing the artist while they “perform.” Meaning we are watching them spin records in their kitchen or living room at home. I am grateful for their efforts as it is better than nothing! However, usually, it is not much of a show and more so something to have on in the background.

The Different Strains Show is so much more! The weekly live stream is not just a camera recording Stickybuds while he plays, but it also cuts to show his hands DJing from above. Not to mention wicked animations that change while you are watching to keep things interesting! Oh – and a hilarious live chat too.

The designs you see during the show are done by the talented graphic designer Savae Design + Illustration.

Different strains show with Stickybuds
Photo from: Different Strains show with Stickybuds! (Ep6)

Then, those wicked designs are brought to life by the animator Mack Vargas. Altogether, there is a lot going on on the screen. It truly is a show with great audio and visual components.

Personally, I think Stickybuds has done an incredible job in the ways he has adapted to stay relevant. If you are interested in some behind the scenes footage for how Tyler set up his Livestream, click here.

Socially Distant Stickybuds

The Different Strains show has been a place for socially distanced events too. Tyler has used the platform to celebrate the birthday of his manager, Tomas. At the end of his show on June 17th, there was a birthday song and some tribute images for Tomas.

Tyler has also recently proposed to his (now) Fiance, Marie. Since they were unable to get together with a big group of people to celebrate, they held a virtual celebration party on July 24th. The theme of that night was love (obviously) and what made it special for the viewers is that he did call in shout-outs in the form of a “hotline” just like the radio.

Tyler + Marie's engagement party
Photo from: Different Strains EP 12 – Tyler + Marie’s Engagement party! ♡♡

Speaking of radio… Tyler Stickybuds is working on a proposal to get a spot on Sirius XM. He would be a perfect fit for a satellite radio station! Check out the tweets here.

Tune in to the Show!

If you are looking for something entertaining to do on a Wednesday night, tune in to the show. You will not be disappointed as there is such an array of music – something for everyone!

The 15th episode of The Different Strains Show aired on August 26th. The next episode will go live on September 2nd. For the link to watch on Twitch click here. You can also watch all of the episodes you’ve missed on his Youtube channel here. Enjoy!

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