Tweed Completes Merger with Bedrocan

Licensed producer (LP) Tweed has officially completed the acquisition of Bedrocan, uniting the two largest LPs under one roof. Combined, the LPs will have more than 5,600 patients.

In addition to the merger, Tweed has created a medical outreach program to familiarize physicians with cannabis. Called the Continuing Medical Education (CME), the goal is to ensure the medical community can confidently prescribe cannabis. Since Bedrocan’s production is a direct extension of the Netherlands pharmaceutical practices, Tweed and Bedrocan feel that physicians will appreciate the consistency resulting from mass production.

“We have established the clear market leader, and are driving the evolution of the cannabis sector in Canada,” said Bruce Linton, Chairman and CEO of Tweed. “The acquisition of Bedrocan is the first step, and we intend to continue to take the initiative, growing our portfolio of brands, expanding clinical research on cannabis, adding new products and services, and introducing additional innovations for patients and consumers.”

Tweed and Bedrocan are also funding the Quebec Cannabis Registry, a database for cannabis patients in Quebec.