Tweed wins prize for cult-like branding

Canadian LP giant Tweed Inc. scored a prize for “Emerging Cult Brand of the Year” this weekend at The Gathering, a networking event for marketers and entrepreneurs held in Banff, AB.

The Gathering describes itself as “an annual, informal coming together of the enlightened, influential illuminati behind the famous names that are getting customer engagement right.”

Tweed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canopy Growth and the first publicly traded cannabis company in Canada, was recognized for their brand-building acumen along a handful of other established companies including Canada Goose, Levi’s, Mountain Dew and Chapstick.

“We are humbled to be recognized at The Gathering,” said CEO Bruce Linton in a press release. “To be surrounded by such established companies is an honour. With massive expansion and exciting new products in the works this award is motivation to continue doing what we do best: innovating and building our voice.”

Tweed, known for its combative relationship with the Canadian craft cannabis industry, was given the award for having earned a strong brand presence over a short period of time, growing from a tiny medical cannabis business in small-town Ontario to one of the biggest players in the emerging Big Pot industry.

A second prize for emerging cult brand was given to SCENE, an entertainment rewards partnership between Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment.