What exactly does the US Government know about UFOs? What files are kept hidden from the public and what’s in them? Pretty soon, we get to find out. For years, the Pentagon had been collecting data on UFOs and later this month, this information goes public. Twist-up some skywalker or alien OG and prepare yourself, the universe is about to get a lot bigger. 


Aliens… maybe. Whatever it is, something has been flying in US air space for quite some time. It began with reports from Navy pilots; strange crafts with advanced technology were popping up in US airspace. Originally, it was suspected that these UFOs were foreign adversaries but that theory quickly dissolved. Whatever was seen could not be explained and visits were becoming more frequent. Eventually, there were so many sightings that it became a national security issue and the military had to investigate.

Spending tax dollars on aliens

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was created in 2007 but dissolved in 2012. Those five years cost twenty-two million dollars and the expense could not be justified. But, for some reason, the program was relaunched in 2020. The question is… why?

In the name of protecting national security, the US reopened its investigation into UFOs. On Aug. 4, 2020, Deputy Secretary of Defense David L. Norquist approved the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF) and announced it publically. Led by the US Navy, the ultimate objective of the UAPTF is to gather intelligence about UFOs and determine threat levels. Their mission is to investigate unexplainable airspace sightings, analyze the data and record its existence. The public didn’t really notice this new task force because the term UAP is not as attention-getting as UFO. If the goal was to keep this new program underneath the radar, it was a well-played move.

What happened?

Again… why? Relaunching a task force costs taxpayer money, especially during a pandemic. At a time when the US unemployment rates were sky high, there was little government support and hospitals were screaming for funding, UFOs became a priority. It makes you wonder, what happened? What was seen in US airspace? Luckily, we will find out soon enough. 

UFO Report goes public

In December of 2020, Former US President Donald Trump signed a coronavirus relief bill with an interesting clause; the Pentagon was ordered to disclose its files on UFOs. The Department of Defense was given six months to compile a report of previously classified material and provide it to Congress.

At first glance, this seems like a shining example of misplaced priorities but then again, we have no idea what is in the report. Something happened to make those pilots speak up and it was enough to make the military notice. If the government is going to spend tax dollars on UFOs, it’s important to have a good reason, and apparently, they do. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to read all the details and make your own opinion about UFOs in the USA. 


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Featured image courtesy of The Telegraph