4 Easy Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means romantic potheads around the world will be looking for Valentine’s cannabis gift ideas.

Today, we will be breaking down Valentine’s gifts into four categories: food, wellness, novelty and the very thing itself—all of which can be suitable for any gender. This should help make the gift selection process significantly easier. Let’s get into it!


Photo by: Alyson McPhee

You know what they say: the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. This is especially true for a munchies-afflicted pothead. There are so many creative ways to get cannabis-themed foods for your loved one. The most thoughtful gift is probably to cook up a three-course cannabis meal for your significant other. The best thing about this idea is that it can be quite economical. You can also pair it with another gift to really treat your partner. If you’re not someone who likes cooking, there are plenty of ready-made products to choose from. For the traditional romantics at heart, chocolate cannabis edibles that are Valentine’s themed are the way to go. If that’s not for you, you can opt for other desserts as sweet things generally amplify the Valentine’s vibe more. Cannabis-infused wine is also a great idea, suitable as both a standalone or accompanying gift.


Photo by: Roberto Nickson

Valentine’s is the time of year when couples feel like treating each other most. Why not create your own cannabis-themed spa at home? Cannabis bath bombs, infused aromatic oils and soaps can be bundled together in a basket for the ultimate cannabis wellness experience. You can further heighten the experience by being your partner’s very own dedicated masseuse. Certain foods also combine the food aspect with the wellness aspect, such as infused teas. You can also really lean into the Valentine’s spirit by opting for cannabis sexual wellness products. There are a wide variety of such products from arousal oils to lubricants. No need to be shy—this is the perfect time to be adventurous!


Photo by: Cannabox

For those with a quirky sense of humour, cannabis novelty products can make for an interesting and unexpected gift. There are so many different kinds of cannabis-themed products out there, from designer rolling kits to jewelry and other fashion accessories. The best way to find a novelty gift that suits your partner’s preferences is by thinking about their top interests and likes, and trying to find if there is a canna-fied version of it. Does your partner like games? See if you can find a video game or board game that deals with the topic in a humorous and interesting way. What about a partner who loves art? There are plenty of collectibles, unique artworks and even wacky and funny pieces that will remain memorable for a long time to come.

The Thing Itself

Photo by: Wesley Gibbs

Of course, the best gift to get a cannabis enthusiast is the thing they love itself. As it’s a special day, make sure you double down. Try to find an elusive strain that your partner has always wanted to try but never had the chance to. Alternatively, they may have tried something a while ago but never had the opportunity to do so again. This gift demonstrates thoughtfulness and primes the night for fun times. This final gift idea requires more planning than you might initially think. If you’re going to attempt to find rare strains, you will need to make sure to do your research. For those with a bigger budget, you can always bring your partner on a trip to try international strains. They will surely not forget that gift any time soon.

We hope these Valentine’s cannabis gift ideas help you plan something special for your partner. We’d love for you to share some Valentine’s memories with us at @cannalifenet or in the comments too. Happy Valentine’s!