Vancouver 4/20 Plans Move to Sunset Beach

The Park Board isn’t happy about plans to move the Vancouver 4/20 event this year from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Sunset Beach.

Co-organizer Jodie Emery said with more and more people attending each year and due to construction at the gallery, the beach will offer additional space for attendees.

“We believe the beach is a safe place because sand won’t go on fire, and we’ll make sure we’ll have ashtrays and any sort of garbage collection for any of the refuse left behind,” said Emery.

But Vancouver Park Board commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung said the event isn’t welcome at the proposed location, as all parks and beaches have no smoking policies.

“It’s an unsanctioned event and an unpermitted event,” said Kirby-Yung. “We do not feel that Sunset Beach is an appropriate venue for 4/20.”

Emery said 4/20 organizers don’t think they would receive a permit for the event if they tried to go through the city.

“We’re doing everything required of a permitted event to make sure it’s safe and secure,” she said. “Every year, we’re professional by hiring first aid, security, getting port-a-potties and this year we’re getting insurance. Every year, we work with the city, fire and police department and ambulance service to make sure it’s as safe and comfortable as possible.”