Vancouver Board of Variance Approves Two More Dispensary Appeals

The Vancouver Board of Variance approved two more appeals at yesterday’s meeting, with both Granville locations of Green Rhino moving on in the licensing process.

With both locations represented by lawyer Kirk Tousaw, the shops (2231 Granville and 2570 Granville) were seen as too close to one another as well as a community centre, but the board still voted unanimously to approve the appeals.

Kandu Canna Meds Society (925 Davie St) also appealed at the meeting, with their appeal denied due to their proximity to several schools and community centres.

Holistic Wellness Ltd. (304 Seymour St) was scheduled to also appeal their business license rejection, but a representative wasn’t in attendance and the Board adjourned.

The next Board of Variance meeting is scheduled for June 15, where another four dispensaries will attempt to appeal their initial rejection from the city’s Marijuana Related Use licensing process — My Remedy Wellness Society (1740 Commercial Dr),  Mike Babins (2868 W 4th Av ), Vancouver Pain Management Society (2137 Commercial Dr), Medicinal Express (1745 Nanaimo).

So far, the Board has heard 29 appeals and granted 10, with three stayed decisions.