Vancouver Police Apologize for Misleading Tweets on Shatter

The Vancouver Police Gang Crime Unit apologized for a Twitter message from this weekend, telling the public that the cannabis product shatter could cause an overdose.

“Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘shatter,'” the tweet exclaimed. “We can not lose any more young people to senseless overdoses.”

This afternoon, Vancouver police deleted the tweet and apologized.

“While well-intentioned, our tweets about #Shatter weren’t accurate & have been deleted. Our apologies. We will do better in future.”

Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall said there’s no connection between shatter and fatal overdoses of any kind.

“If you had enough of it, it could cause anxiety attacks, it could make you very stoned, some people get paranoid, it’s been associated with psychosis, but I don’t think it’s been associated with a fatal overdose,” said Kendall.