Victoria’s Mayor and Council to Discuss Onsite Cannabis Consumption

It is nice to be able to say that there are some politicians that are actually listening to the people. At the Aug. 9, 2018 meeting, The City Council of Victoria and Mayor will be discussing the need to create regulations for safe onsite cannabis consumption! Listed at the end of the agenda, under section M, as new business, they will discuss ‘A Council Member Motion regarding an investigation of a pilot program for safe consumption sites for cannabis use.”

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club has been providing a safe place for members to medicate without the fear of persecution. Ironically, this service provided is one of the reasons that the VCBC may be targeted by the Federal Government.

A petition has been submitted to urge the Mayor and Council to protect the smoking room by helping VCBC attain an exemption. Prior to this motion, the founder of the VCBC, Ted Smith will be speaking out on behalf of medical patients.

This discussion is groundbreaking. The fact that it is happening recognizes the fact that the Federal Government has been inadequate at providing for medical cannabis patients and that the situation calls for local governments to get involved.

If you have an opinion specific to safe, onsite cannabis consumption in Victoria, BC, and would like to be heard, please reach out to Mayor Lisa helps and the council members by email or phone. Your opinion makes a difference.

Mayor Lisa Helps – 250-661-2708

City Councillors

Marianne Alto – 250-361-0216

Chris Coleman – 250-361-0223

Ben Isitt – 250-361-0222

Jeremy Loveday – 250-361-0218

Margaret Lucas – 250-361-0217

Pamela Madoff – 250-361-0221

Charlayne Thorton-Joe – 250-361-0219

Geoff Young – 250-361-0220