Was a child secretly given a fatal vaccine? VDH reveals incorrect records

Two events in Virginia, USA, require active investigation regarding incorrect medical records. One such event includes a child causality caused by Covid-19 and a separate report of a two-year-old child, possibly given a fatal and unauthorized Covid vaccine. Furthermore, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) revealed their vaccination records were incorrect regarding children under 10-years-old after an investigation. This critical mistake by the VDH exposes an error by the CDC and poses a few legal questions.

On March 4, 2021, the first child in Virginia under the age of 10 died of Covid-19. (1) At the same time, a completely unrelated and unverified report about a two-year-old child who died after vaccination circulated social media and fact-checking news feeds. The report, officially published in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERs), was deleted by the CDC.

VAERs ID 1074247-1 details a fatal adverse event after a covid vaccine
VAERs ID 1074247-1 details unverified claims that a 2-year-old child died shortly after an unauthorized vaccination. This report has since been deleted by the CDC which was done in error according to new results from an investigation by Virginia Department of Health.

VAERs reports are scientific databases not child death records

After the report’s publication in VAERs — a self-administered reporting system monitored and ran by the CDC under HHS (Human Health Services) — stories circulated on both sides of the fence. On VAERs, Individuals can submit reports published before full investigation.

Frequently employed for scientific purposes, VAERs reports (similar to UK’s Yellowcard or the Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System) are limited research tools and not official medical documents. Basically, the systems do not accurately depict a vaccine death toll.

A pandemic of statistics and biases

To clarify, fatal cases of Covid-19 in children are rare. However, this has sparked debates regarding the widespread use of experimental vaccines in children. According to a study published in Nature in November 2020, the survival rate for the virus, Sars-Cov2, is 99.99 percent for children aged five to nine years old. (2) Comparatively, the survival rate of the general population in the United States is 99.3 percent, according to a publication documented by the CDC in April of 2021. (3)

Do the journalists and scientists on the pro-vaccine side choose to swim in a pool of content and confirmation bias at the helm of funding and governing regulators? If so, this could be the reason Departments have yet to properly review the VAERs report detailing the causality of a two-year-old after vaccination. These biases are a fallacy of the constrained academic system as Albert Einstein represented in his later philosophies.

Do those biases force the opposing side into an allegorical cave, unable to stretch their voices beyond an inner circle?

child vaccination
Confirmation bias.

Incorrect child vaccination records at Virginia Health Department

At the time of the deleted VAERs report, a (separate) young child was dying of Covid-19 in Virginia; a cause for desperation for any health professional. The only drug authorized by the FDA (at the time) to treat a severe Covid-19 illness in children is Remdesivir. With this in mind, it’s not hard to believe desperate healthcare professionals chose to administer a vaccine as a last resort.

After a few scrutinizing emails, the VDH could not guarantee that a child under 10-years-old did not receive a fatal vaccine between February 25 and March 3, 2021. Instead, the VDH simply admitted its investigation in response to this author’s email found misconstrued medical (vaccination) records in its database after 52 days.

The review found records where the date of birth or date of administration were incorrectly reported. VDH is working with providers to rectify these inaccuracies per usual data quality measures.

Virginia Department of Health. July 22, 2021.

Yet, even before this revelation, the evidence remains clear. No sick child under the age of 10 should have suffered a vaccine-related injury between February 25 and March 4, 2021, because the vaccine was not authorized in children under ten years old at that time.

The CDC’s incomplete review and biased deletion of VAERs reports

In reality, incorrect medical records do occur, leading to lawsuits and malpractice claims. In response to the pandemic, some physicians escaped several liabilities. However, Covid vaccines for children were not authorized in children under 10-years-old before March 3, 2021. The question remains if a child was given a fatal vaccine in life-or-death emergency treatment or for any reason, should the event fall under gross misconduct?

In an email response, the CDC’s media and public affairs department confirmed their follow-up and decision to delete VAERs ID 1074247-1.

The CDC reviews all cases of deaths after vaccination submitted to VAERS, then follows-up requesting medical records, autopsy reports and death certificates. During this process, the CDC discovered the report (1074247-1) submitted to VAERS was false and therefore removed from VAERS.

Kristen Nordlund (DDID, OD) – Public Affairs, CDC and National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. July 23, 2021.

What does the new investigation mean for the old follow-up?

This response sounds like reinsurance — Until you account for the VDH’s more recent investigation and the discovery of incorrect medical records. The CDC has yet to acknowledge this publicly. The VDH’s more recent discovery effectively reverted the CDC’s previous follow-up. Because of the incorrect data, the CDC’s review is now incomplete and requires further investigation to validate the accuracy of VAERs ID 1074247-1.

Albeit this is one incident in isolation, consider how many inaccurate medical records exist in the world. How many errors have different government bodies ignored? While respective Departments comb self-reported databases intended for the science-based safety assessment of emergency authorized treatments such as Covid vaccines?

Do you think the CDC should re-investigate VAERs ID 1074247-1 and the child in Virginia who potentially received a fatal vaccine? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, check out this story on the toxicity of the vaccine.


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