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Wellphoria Beauty: What Can CBD Shampoo do for your hair?

You know you want healthy, beautiful hair, but what does that really mean, and how do you get it? Do you struggle with your hair and don’t even know why? Never fear–healthy-looking hair is within your reach. Let’s tackle the five dimensions of hair health: strength, conditioning, softness, balance, and shine, and talk about how Wellphoria’s CBD shampoo will bring you to hairvana, plus some added tips to get that gorgeous hair. 

Wellphoria CBD Shampoo Strengthens the Hair

Wellphoria CBD shampoo protects from breakage such as from combing or using hair clips. With hair that’s 4x stronger, your hair can withstand all those daily stressors. Pro tip: Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins C and E to boost your collagen production. Good candidates include fish, eggs, beans, spinach, berries, and avocados. 

Conditioning with Wellphoria CBD shampoo

Tired of dealing with snarls? Wellphoria CBD shampoo makes your hair 6x more conditioned, so that comb can just glide right through your silky hair. Pro tip: make sure you’re drinking enough water. Your hair (and skin!) need hydration from the inside and outside. 


Wellphoria will soften your dry, brittle hair, helping it look and feel softer. Pro tip: Use warm water to open the hair cuticle when you shampoo and condition, then use cool water for rinsing to seal it back down. You can also switch to a satin pillow cloth so that nighttime tossing and turning won’t frizz your hair. 


Hair health starts with scalp health because a healthy scalp promotes new growth. Wellphoria helps ensure a balanced scalp for optimum growth. Pro tip: Massage your scalp regularly to encourage blood flow. Sneak in a massage whenever you shampoo/condition or when you apply dry shampoo. Just some quick fingertip action works wonders. 

Wellphoria CBD Shampoo Makes Hair Shine 

Wellphoria transforms dull, dry, damaged hair into luxurious, shiny hair that glows with health. Pro tip: Turn down the heat on your blow dryer. It may take a couple more minutes to dry your hair, but it’s worth it! Use a gently brush such as boar bristle or natural fibers, which are easier on your hair than synthetics. 

Wellphoria’s professional hair care products are infused with 99% Pure CBD and Hemp Seed Oil. And the best part? These products are free of SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and artificial dyes.

They’re color safe, non-toxic, vegan, and are never tested on animals, so you can feel good while looking good. 

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