Who won the Fore 20 Golf Tourney and Cup, and what about that $20k?

The second annual Fore 20 Golf Tournament was last Sunday on the greens of the Squamish Valley Golf Club, and wow, what a weekend. The cannabis community was out in full force because not only was there the golf tournament, there was also the first High Times Cannabis Cup in Canada, too. Both were in BC and the amount of bud was a sight to be seen, and more importantly, consumed, however you prefer: flower, edibles, or concentrates. It was all there.

The Fore 20 Golf Tournament and Cannabis Cup was hosted by Craig Ex from Expert Joints (who pulled double duty as a judge for the High Times Cup as well!). The golf tournament not only featured a $20,000 hole-in-one donated by Jones Brown, a Canadian insurance broker and consultancy company- it was followed by a Cannabis Cup and dinner!

But why would an insurance company sponsor a $20k hole-in-one at a Cannabis-friendly golf tourney?

The $20k hole-in-one was the 8th hole but alas, nobody got it. Jones Brown’s client manager Leslie Ducommun said, “We would love to have given away the $20,000! Can you imagine the story the next day at  the water cooler had someone won?!”

But you don’t often see insurance companies supporting cannabis events like Fore 20 given how the insurance industry is generally so conservative. But as Ducommun explains, “We were early supporters of the cannabis industry and have been providing insurance solutions to the industry for four years now”.

Interestingly, we learned that the 8th hole wasn’t chosen entirely at random. “It is tempting to say that Hole 8 stands for 8 Ball, but really, it is due to underwriting.  The hole needs to be a par 3 in order to qualify”, said Ducommun.

The Fore 20 golf tourney winners are…..

The winners of Fore 20’s Best Golf Team was team Motocan/Formula BC. They scored 58 (14 under par) and their prize included golf passes to the Squamish Valley Golf Club, Cricket Xvape pens, golf ball chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolates Whistler, bath salts from Liberty Farms, and edibles courtesy of Baker’s Farm.

Rick, Court, Jimmy and Poncho won Fore 20’s Most Stoned category with the tournament’s highest score, and they got some massage oils, edibles, and golf ball chocolates.  

The winners of the Longest Drive were Nicole Post from Lone Tree Concentrates and Angus Ramage, winning a Dope Soap gift pack and Pure Hemp gift pack, respectively. The ones who were Closest to the Pin (Kp) were Shelbi Giles from Tree of Life and James from West Coast Med.

Dave Auger won a Blast Portable Dabber Kit from Herbal Therapy for the Putting Challenge.

And now, the Fore 20 Cannabis Cup winners…


  1. Top Leaf– Voodoo Child
  2. Nelson Potorium– Zellie’s Gift
  3. Pemberton Private Grower- Pink Kush



  1. Lone Tree Concentrates– Blueberry Kush
  2. Formula BC- Red Congolese
  3. Skunk Extracts– NY Sour Lemon Squeeze