Windsor Office of Canadian Cannabis Clinic Opens

Windsor’s first medical cannabis clinic opened in the city Oct. 5.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics director Ronan Levy said most physicians in the country are uncomfortable prescribing patients cannabis, a requirement implemented by the federal Conservatives in 2014. Prior to this, Health Canada would issue individual cannabis licenses to patients.

The clinics will not sell cannabis directly, only offer a prescription for patients to purchase through a government licensed producer, online.

Levy said his clinics take patient referrals from other physicians after looking at alternative treatments.

“Cannabis should not be used as your first option” Levy told CBC’s Windsor Morning.

Levy said the Windsor clinic hasn’t hired any doctors to work locally, and that, for now, they will travel to the location or communicate with patients via tele-conferencing.

Windsor palliative physician Dr. Darren Cargill, said most doctors are reluctant to prescribe cannabis because evidence of its medical effects is lacking and that more studies need to be done before it is used as a treatment.

“We can’t rely on anecdotes as evidence,” he said in a tweet.