17 Laboratories Available for Private Cannabis Testing

After being barred from accepting any cannabis for testing other than that from the government’s licensed producersHealth Canada now lists 17 laboratories authorized to provide testing services to individuals.

With the government’s new ACMPR regime allowing for home-growing, the opening up of testing options is meant to provide some method of ensuring quality, but also allows for testing of product obtained by patients from licensed producers or from private dispensaries.

Health Canada states on its website that the labs with a current Dealers Licence under the Narcotic Control Regulations to conduct activities with cannabis are able to receive from patients.

“Be sure to contact the laboratory directly before you send your fresh or dried marijuana or cannabis oil,” Health Canada states. “You should find out what testing they offer, how much the tests will cost, and how much fresh or dried marijuana or cannabis oil is needed for an accurate result. In addition, the laboratory may have individual requirements for product submissions.”

Those interested in obtaining testing are required to send either a registration certificate issued under the ACMPR or an authorization to possess issued under the MMAR.

“If you do not include this document, the licensed dealer cannot proceed with the testing,” Health Canada warned. “They need verification that you are within the scope of this exemption in order to legally conduct activities with the fresh or dried marijuana, or cannabis oil that you send. If you do not include this, your fresh or dried marijuana or cannabis oil may be destroyed. It will not be returned to you.”

On their webpage, authorized lab series provider Supra Research and Development says it’s able to provide potency testing of major and minor cannabinoids, pesticide screening, heavy metal contamination and screening for mould.

Licensed dealer Province / Territory Contact information
A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. ON 1-519-457-2575 x241
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures AB 1-780-632-8229
Anandia Laboratories Inc. BC 1-604-822-0253
ARA Avanti Rx Analytics Inc. ON 1-416-548-5998
AXXONLAB Inc. QC 1-888-675-5226 x226
British Columbia Institute of Technology BC 1-604-412-7484
Ccrest Laboratories QC 1-514-324-1073 x238
Dr. Raimar Loebenberg
Katz Group – Rexall Centre for Pharmacy & Health Research
University of Alberta
AB 1-780-492-1255
Experchem Laboratories Inc. ON 1-416-665-2134
Keystone Labs Inc. AB 1-587-458-8411
Laboratoire PhytoChemia Inc. QC 1-418-321-1227
Labs-Mart Inc. AB 1-780-469-9009
M.B. Laboratories Ltd BC 1-250-656-1334
RPC (Research and Productivity Council) NB 1-506-452-1270
Saskatchewan Research Council
Analytical Laboratory
SK 1-306-933-5204
Supra Research and Development BC 1-250-878-4711
University Health Network ON 1-416-581-7601

In a recent Globe & Mail article, M.B. Laboratories Ltd lab services manager Wendy Riggs said since the government opened up lab access to individuals she’s seen an increase in interest from cannabis growing groups looking to have product tested.

“I think it’s a positive thing because it brings awareness of safety to patients and the people who are dependent on this drug,” Riggs said. “They’re just trying to gain more understanding of what they’re consuming as a medicine.”

Tests can range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 a sample for a full range of tests for contaminants like chemicals, metals and micro-organisms.