2016 4/20 Event Cost Vancouver Over $55,000 More Than Last Year

Numbers provided by the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Police Department have estimated the cost of this year’s 4/20 event at $148,000, an increase of over $55,000 from 2015.

Organizers in 2016 held two separate events, one at Sunset Beach Park and another at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

“As a result of organizers’ decision to host the event in two locations, with larger attendance than previous years, additional resources were required to ensure the safety of the public,” read a release from the city.

The city’s breakdown of costs, which don’t include regular staff costs, are:

  • Vancouver Police Department — $99,400
  • Vancouver Park Board — $24,000
  • Streets and Sanitation — $13,600
  • Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services — $6,900
  • Traffic, Special Events & Emergency Management — $4,100

“In 2015, the total combined costs associated with the unpermitted 420 protest event at the VAG – which did not include Park Board – were $92,500,” the city said. “The City and Park Board will continue to work with organizers to find an appropriate venue for any future 420 events.”