Glass Gather

2018 Great Canadian Glass Gathering Recap

Check out the recap of the Great Canadian Glass Gathering which was an amazing weekend in beautiful Birken BC full of dabs, glass art, community, and culture.

Watch as Chad Jackett from Liberty Farms says hi to and gets high with some new and familiar faces as he explores the grounds of the Glass Gathering and partakes in the many festivities.

As Glass Gathering organizer Redbeard said, “We’re breaking the mold here. Nobody’s done this before. We have 40 glass blowers in the woods and the whole idea is you get to see the artists work and right in front of that is their finished work.”

“I don’t think it’s been longer than 5 minutes without a dab in this place. As you can see all the glass here is just itching to get used,” said Scotty from Skunkbeard.

And it sure is a beauty to behold the finished work- featuring some of the most intricate and delicate glass pieces you have ever seen that go to show that glass blowing is definitely an underappreciated art form. There is something elemental about the open flame the artists use to melt the glass and seeing them turn it into dragons, wizards, and all kinds of different shapes and forms is strangely soothing.

There was also a cup with some amazing, moosey-looking trophies to be won, which were custom-made Redbeard originals worth $1000, and Chad talked to some of the well-deserving winners that included Shelby from Lone Tree Concentrates, Anissa from Mary Jane Edibles, Joel from Everlasting Extracts, Tania Jackett from Love Buds, and Cody from Maple Leaf Extracts.

The wins were particularly meaningful for Shelby, Anissa, and Joel because everyone in the family took home a win making them one big, happy, dabbing family.

There was a little drizzle here and there but nobody at the Glass Gathering let that rain on their parade! It was a weekend to remember and we’re all looking forward to the Great Canadian Glass Gathering 2019.