Clean your dirty dab rig or bong… after this crossword puzzle

Got a dirty dab rig or bong but no isopropyl to clean it? No problem! There are many different ways to clean a dirty piece without using any solvents, regardless of the type or its material. Even better, it only takes minutes. 

Still don’t feel like cleaning or reading an article about how to do it? Is that sticky, stinky chronic that you’ve been smoking just too good to pass up right now? It can be tough when you can ignore your bong and roll a joint. Don’t worry about it because the Cannabis Life Network has got your back. We understand how hard it can be to motivate yourself to clean your dirty bong because… ahem, we have been there. That’s right. You are not alone.

You might not want to clean your dab rig or bong for one or all of the following reasons:

  • A lack of isopropyl or other cleaning solvents
  • The misconception that it will take you a really long time clean a dirty dab rig or bong
  • Fear of turning your bathroom or kitchen into a sticky mess
  • Zero motivation and/or energy
  • Your light speed ability to make it filthy again
  • You can’t and/or won’t put it down long enough to clean it

Clean your dirty dab rig or bong… after this crossword puzzle

Allow yourself to be amazed because cleaning your cannabis tools can be fast, easy, and without a solvent. Still too baked to bother? Fine. Try this crossword puzzle. It will give you some of the basic information on how to clean your dirty dab rig or bong using isopropyl. It’s a trippy, offbeat way to present new data to your brain. Who knows? It might be all you need to make you want to buff your bong back to beautiful.

Clean your dirty dab rig or bong... after this crossword puzzle

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater – This article will tell you everything you need to know about cleaning your dab rig or bong without using isopropyl.

If you get stuck on a question, you can find all the answers here.

1. There are many different ways to clean your bong without using BLANK alcohol
2. Dusty glass? Use a brush attachment to sweep and BLANK up the dust and dirt.
3. If you have a silicone piece that you want to clean, put it in the BLANK.
4. By twisting and bending your silicone accessory, you can pop all the BLANK out of your pipe.
5. To clean off your hands or small tools, you can use oil and a bit of BLANK to scrub and exfoliate any sticky stuff.
6. Oven mitts, rubber gloves and tongs are all examples of tools you can use to protect your BLANK. Plural
7. The Glass BLANK process involves warming up your glass and the resin inside it before using any solvents.
8. To clean glass in the oven, start out cold and turn the temperature up to the BLANK oven setting.
9. Dab BLANK is a gift from the plant; cleaning a rig in the oven, is a great way to harvest it.
10. As long as the glass was BLANK properly and you don’t act like an idiot, heating your glass in the oven is safe.
11. When you have finished cleaning your dab rig or bong, use nail polish remover to wipe your BLANK clean.
12. BLANK is the main ingredient in nail polish remover and will dissolve resin without question.