Get Socially Involved In Your Community As A Music Artist

4 Ways To Get Socially Involved In Your Community As A Music Artist

Music and brand recognition starts with a connection. Here are 4 ways to get socially involved in your community as a music artist.

Play Live Concerts Outdoors

Playing a small outdoor concert for your neighbourhood is a great way to get your music heard by others. Not only does it let you connect with potential fans but it also offers something valuable to your community and gives new energy to an environment that is familiar to them. Learn about how Vancouver is tackling covid-19 restrictions and allowing music artists to play small concerts in parks.

Lead By Example

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To help others connect to your brand better; lead by example and do something great. Many vloggers will include in their portfolio a video of them feeding the homeless. Whatever topic you might choose to approach, make sure to document it to entice others to go out of their way to do the same.

Find a Local Pub to Perform as a Music Artist Regularly

Call local pubs around 2-3 pm when they aren’t too busy or come in on a Monday to ask if they hold weekly gigs. Anza Club in Vancouver used to hold weekly hip-hop nights with a returning customer base. This is a great way to start networking and building a fanbase in your city.

Organize a Fundraiser in Your City

2020 is such a good year to get people to donate for a cause; as there are so many people in need of help. Helping sponsor a charitable event as your music artist name/brand or starting a GoFundMe promoted through Facebook ads is just some of the ways to give back while also promoting yourself.

Let us know in the comments below if you decide to try out any of these to connect with the community or you have questions on how to go about them. Also, don’t forget to connect with us @cannalifenet.