Check out these exclusive pics of Cypress Hill rocking the 420 Vancouver stage with their headlining set!

Despite the Vancouver Park Board’s many efforts to cancel Cypress Hill, the show went on, exactly as planned. You’d think the authorities should’ve known better, after decades of trying (and failing) to stop the cannabis culture movement, culminating with legalization here in Canada.

I guess the Park Board just enjoys stacking up those L’s (as in losses, not blunts) every year, as 420 Vancouver has been going on for a quarter century non-stop.

Cypress Hill really brought out the crowd and cannabis, as over 60,000 people came out to toke up and catch the free concert.

Cypress Hill’s headlining performance

The headlining show kicked off with a blistering turntable set from legendary DJ Mix Master Mike that fused together classics both old and new. Older hiphop heads might recognize Mix Master Mike from his extensive work with the Beastie Boys, and references to that group were littered throughout the set, giving it a distinct oldschool feel.

B-Real casually strolled onstage holding a joint longer than his forearm and jumped immediately into a medley of some of their biggest stoner anthems including “Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up”, “I Wanna Get High”, “Dr. Greenthumb”, and “Smoke from the Bong”.

It was a career spanning performance that covered 30 years of hiphop history, and showed why Cypress Hill are one of the best hiphop groups to ever do it!

For Cypress Hill’s entire 420 Vancouver set, check out the video below, timestamped at 5:01:27.

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