420 Wordsearch – Don’t worry, we’re still getting baked this year

420 is almost here and once again, nobody seems to be excited about it. At one time, it was considered to be a stoner’s Christmas but that was before the pandemic.

Last year was supposed to be a really big deal because technically, it was 420 for the entire month of April. Unfortunately, the coronavirus had other plans and we had to embrace a party at home.

While it may not be much different this year, there are a lot of ways to make it excellent. If this were a celebration of alcohol, a party at home would be really depressing. Thankfully, it’s weed; getting baked in a comfortable environment is very suitable.

An awesome 420 is all about embracing the circumstances so this year, let’s have some fun. To get you in the stoner spirit, here are some ideas to help your prepare for some fun this 420. 

Ideas for an awesome 420

There are some major advantages to partying at home and one of the biggest is having all your stuff on hand. 

  • Plan out your munchies ahead of time and use in-store pickup to shop for them. This way, you can get what you need, save time and focus on the menu. 
  • Set up your space so that it’s incredibly comfortable. Wash your blankets ahead of time so that they smell fresh and feel cozy. Get some tea light or flameless candles and create a little at-home spa for you to smoke weed in.
  • Just because we have to maintain social distance doesn’t mean we can’t spend time with our friends. Pick a good stoner movie and use a watch party feature to invite your buddies.
  • Splurge on some good smokeables because this year because the experience is all about the little details. After all, there has never been a more fitting time to choose quality over quantity.
  • Have you been saving a fancy blunt wrap or infused bath bomb? Break out the toys that you keep for special occasions because today is one of those days. 

If you find that you still feel depressed about 420, change your mood by spreading some joy. Under BC’s current health order, indoor dining is not an option and restaurants are really struggling. Surprise a fellow stoner buddy with some random food delivery. Not only will it makes their day, but it also helps support the community.

Part of having an awesome 420 is being prepared and to help you out, here is your shopping list… in wordsearch format. 

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