The 4th Annual Fore20 Charity Golf Tournament and Cannabis Market

4th annual Fore20 Golf Tourney Recap Video 2019

The official recap video of the 4th annual Fore20 Golf Tournament and Pop-Up Market is finally here! 

Hosted by our friend Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints, the video is full of people “having a great time getting lifted on the lakes and smoking some green on the greens,” as Craig said, and the beautifully verdant Squamish Valley Golf Club is on full display as he rolls around in a golf cart and talks to the participants.

Golfers are known for having a colorful and sometimes crazy fashion sense and the Fore20 Golf Tournament had that in spades. From people rocking cannabis-emblazoned High Times button-ups to that one guy with bright red pants covered in maple leaves that had everyone feeling super patriotic. But that anthem you hear isn’t “Oh Canada”, it’s “Oh Cannabis!” by cannabis activist Neil Magnuson.


The Stolbie Sisters and Rox.C.Rolla stop by and say hi to the guys from Tasty Buds who had a tent packed with their tasty chocolate treats and some merch.

Craig has to check out the tent for Grassroots Medicinal which is like a cannabis oasis in a sea of green- “a dispensary on the fairway” as Craig puts it. They were stocked up on joints of that Lindsay OG, which is one of Craig’s absolute favorite strains.

Scotty Skunkbeard from Skunk Island Reserve was showing off his wares which included Purple Skunk, a delicious-looking strain with purple highlights throughout and nicely frosted buds.

The ladies from Herbally Inspired Clothing Co. had to battle the wind a bit as it blew some of their stuff around but they were still having a great time at their tent when Craig said hi.

After a quick dab break, the Stolbie Sisters were back on the fairway but there were on a mission this time to find some munchies!

Adam Barski aka The Budder Chef was also back this year bringing his ever-popular gourmet treats and giving out free samples. He told Craig that people particularly love his Vanilla Latte Cookies and the classic Brownies.

And if all that golfing has got your joints a little sore, Delush has your (aching?) back with their hemp-derived CBD products like body lotions, bath bombs, tinctures, and pain salve.

Next, Craig chats with Freddie “Da Weed King” Pritchard who points out that the Fore20 farmer’s market is even bigger than usual and talks about the problems with Canada’s legalization, saying:

“Can we unify and make our black market, our original market, legal? [The government] didn’t listen to us… but if we’re a big enough mass crowd in many cities across the country, they would have to hear us.”

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Freddie’s latest article comparing Canada’s approach to legalization to the American states that have legalized it.

Products by SEC “makes some of the finest [THC] gummies in the game,” according to Craig, and Jess was happy to show him the vast selection of gummies they have for every level of consumer, from 5 mg gummies all the way up to 800 mg of THC!

And who can forget Kass and Honey, the Canadian Baked Beavers, who are back from their recent trip to Shambhala? They commandeer Craig’s golf cart to go on a little exploring of their own and interview some Fore20 participants and marvel how chill Canada is that there are events like this.


Later on, there’s a different kind of smoke in the air from the delicious BBQ dinner. Chad Jackett from Liberty Farms took the stage to say:

“Where do you see this anywhere in the world? We’re doing it here in Squamish, it’s amazing.

I hope we make this bigger every year until we completely overgrow and oversell this bullshit government bureaucracy that’s out there right now.”

Amen to that!

Fore20 winners:

  1. Putting Challenge – Dennis Gamble
  2. Best Dressed – Dave Smith (also came in 2nd place for the best team)
  3. Longest Drive– Women(6) – Andrea Forsyth 
  4. Men(17) – Shaun Hicks
  5. Closest to the Pin– Women(5) – Bridgit Haley 
  6. Men(16) –  Taylor (Hole In One)
  7. Most Honest (Highest Score)– Team Yukon Sleeman (+5)
  8. Best Team (Lowest Score)– Team Dennis Gamble (-15)

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