5 last minute halloweed costumes for stoners in 2020

5 Halloweed Costumes For Cannabis Enthusiasts In 2020

Well, we all know what you’re going to be for Halloween… stoned. If you feel like dressing up this year and want to high-ten your costume game, this article is for you. Here are 5 Halloweed costumes for cannabis enthusiasts in 2020.

The doobie brothers Halloweed Costume

The doobie brothers

This costume works for any duo, grab your bestie or even better, your brother, and make it happen. The doobie brothers are an American rock band that has been active for 5 decades. Meaning this costume is still very relevant. Make yourself look like a joint, add some sunglasses, maybe a cool hat and you’re done.

A baked couch potato costume

A baked couch potato

Let’s be real, if you don’t go out for Halloween this year you’ll already be a baked couch potato. If you have the urge to get out there and celebrate this year then why not bring this costume to life? Can be a pretty simple costume for those who don’t like lots of preparation. Try not to smoke yourself to oblivion and miss the party.

The grim reefer

The grim reefer costume

This one is an all-time classic, the grim reefer, whoever thought of this is a god damn genius. Everyone is scared of the grim reaper finding them but what about when he’s so high he can’t even function? Instead of bringing people to their graves, you can put that scythe to better use, could probably pack a joint pretty good with that thing.

Mary Jane Potson and stoned spider-man

Mary Jane Potson and stoned Spider-Man Halloweed Costume

For all those super-hero stoner babes out there this one is for you. Convince your partner to be spiderman and be his one and only Mary Jane Potson. Get those creative juices flowing, I’m sure there’s a way somebody could make this happen. Spidey already has those sticky fingers, you just gotta make sure Spider-Man’s eyes are as red as his jumpsuit and your laughing.

Shaggy and Scooby doobie-doo

Shaggy and Scooby doobie-doo

Zoinks! This is a costume you can’t go wrong with. Bring a box of Scooby snacks from your local pot-shop and load Scooby up with a bunch of pre-rolls to really maximize potential. As long as you’re both pretty high this costume will work wonders. Looks like we’ve got another mystery on our hands, who ate all the scooby snacks?

Wow, I think I’ve really outdone myself with this list. Remember to act responsibly this Halloween, or not? These Halloweed costumes are sure to get remarks like, “wow, for how stoned you are all the time you really pulled this off”. Have fun out there friends.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas for Halloweed costumes your willing to give up!