6 Different reasons to smoke weed; a voyage across different cultures

6 Different reasons to smoke weed; a voyage across different cultures

Learn about various ways and reasons we smoke weed by taking a look at different cultures, festivals and communities.

Take a toke at Mont-Royal park in Montreal on 420

reasons to smoke weed at Mont-Royal park in Montreal

Although marijuana has only been legalized in Canada in the last year and a bit, cities like Montreal have tolerated consumption of the product in parks throughout the year and during huge gatherings like the 420 celebration that takes place every 20th of April in Mont-Royal park. The city has a very laid-back vibe due to its European background and you can freely enjoy a joint or pipe hit pretty much anywhere.

A hit of Ganja off the Chillum in India’s most remote villages

In India, it is common to use a “Chillum” to smoke weed, or ganja as they typically call it over there. A Chillum is ideal for a quick and very effective toke while being mindful of wasting any of the flowers or bud at all! It is more so popular in further and more isolated parts of India such as the Rajasthan desert. Follow rapper Chappy Go Lucky on an adventure through the Thar Desert to find the “wise man with the Chillum”

Medicinal dispensaries in Vancouver since before legalization

Vancouverites have been enjoying access to medical marijuana years before the official legalization of cannabis in Canada. It has been possible for a while now to purchase THC products and flowers with a credit card. When legalization hit, a lot of these “mom and pop” stores we’re forced to closed doors because of high licensing costs.

Bhang during Holi Festival in Pushkar

Bhang is an edible mixture made from the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant. In India, it’s been added to food and drinks and is a feature of Hindu religious practices and festivals — including the popular spring festival of Holi. Holi is amazing because it’s the only time of the year no one will ever get harassed for smoking weed or being under the influence; authorities turn a blind eye and applaud this day of celebration!

Smoking weed on a work-holiday visa; Australia

Smoking, or even finding weed as a newcomer in Australia can be a challenge. Australia has one of the highest cannabis prevalence rates in the world; they really do think “God Green’s Crack” cannabis strain is Methamphetamines… Scoring an eight on busy bar street in New Town, Sydney can easily set you back 50 dollars; and no, you won’t get to choose between Indica or Sativa!

Allowing cannabis to open your third-eye during a breath-work workshop

The cannabis flower can be smoked to elevate certain spiritual practices connecting body and mind. It’s been done on multiple occasions where inhale a long pipe hit and doing breath-work can connect you to space where your subconscious can easily be brought into awareness and glimpse of deep-rooted issues can surface; offering you fresh perspectives on yourself and others.

We tried not to cover the classics like Amsterdam or talking about reggae. If you think we’ve missed a cool festival or culture which can be a reason to smoke weed, please let us know in the comments.