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All Cannabis Use is Medicinal: How to Use Responsibly for the Future

Change is ripe in today’s age. Rapid expansions and fast-paced advancements in technologies are exploding, with society adapting at an equal rate.

Through all of this, a few things have remained robust in their evolution. Cannabis is one of them. While it has changed drastically and taken on many new forms, it’s a  mainstay in society. Coming from our classic perception in something natural and the values it holds, cannabis has a down to earth quality that’s stood the test of time.

Modern medicine reinvents itself continually, struggling to morph into the intricate ailments which spread throughout the world. Cannabis is no different, with new breeds within the Canna family seemingly doing wonders, making our most fruitful synthetic efforts appear as futile failures.

The Necessary Mentality Shift

Epidemics have occurred out of stubborn policy, including a mindset of opium and painkillers over cannabis.

It’s been costly in the value of life, love, and family, and turning a blind eye to medicinal marijuana fuels this tragedy, which beckoned those deserving of the relief this herb brings made generations of cannabis activists and patient advocates battle so strongly for something so just. Sadly, the turmoils have not subsided with federal legalization, a contrary outcome from the freedom we expected.

Expectations needing to be analyzed, seeing as this new found adult-use cannabis has stripped away avenues of true healing. Patients are left in a passive bind waiting for education to be obtained throughout the cannabis sector. To allow them the access they had prior to such social shifts; practical freedom in the era of modern times. One which should be void of excessively restricted doorways, while also being exuberant with flexible, viable guidance.

All Cannabis is Medicine

Cannabis is an orchestra of different medicines. Throughout a symphony of charming strains, one can find a therapy for most ailments.  While a broad range exists within a plant that is uniquitously medicine, not all use is medicinal. Sometimes it requires a delicate, personal orchestration of just a few key notes to find relief.

Therapeutic success comes after opening a delicate lock that is your own organic fabric, with one or many thousands of diverse cannablends that exist. Dangerous failures are thankfully slim to impossible while fumbling with these botanical keys.

In the pharmaceutical world, success is only ever found after a bit of that fumbling, where failure with a synthetic set can spell serious harm.

Non-toxic Safety

Demand for human liberation is brought forth from these safeguards,  to have access to these harmless keys if they are truly so necessary. A fair sentiment given the typical toxic placemat neatly speckled with a daily drug regime our doctors set household tables with.

A few of the unnatural concoctions may not be replaceable, although the power of pharma must sway to a small farm mentality.

Cannabis continues to be far too delicate to adapt into a capitalist drab. Comparatively, an acceptance for monotony is dying to the vape market in the tobacco world and craft beer in alcohol’s.

A new age requires the liberation of cannabis for its health benefits. Something coming out of the woodworks only by being distinguished in character through an err of quality. A pronunciation in it’s potential must be brought out by a love for these benefits. To truly emphasize any claims indeed existing within a home growers grasp.

In a dry, grey, and dusty appearance, spread across shady outlets, is where the flower seems less innocent.


A purity left for the patients is a simple request given their honest requirement for this medicine, for life sole and spirit to synchronize.

A person who is immuno-compromised, accessing flowers grown in serene cultivation, clean of profitable incentives, is a moral of humanity rather than a demand which should have to be spoken. Free of irradiation to ensure a flawless encapsulation of flavour odour and therapy.

Cannabis use should be respected for her expansive abilities to heal, rather than a generalized label. A doorway into cannabimimetic therapy has recently shrunk down from a physical taxed and regulated entrance in town, where aid came with compassion. Where sales were put into a free and fair market.

A Meek Online Existence

Now blind journey through the same fibre optic cable that has existed and failed us for the past few years is required. A day’s wait to receive anything from the other end. A futile distance and delay for someone suffering excruciating pain, collapsing from epileptic episodes, deliberated by an unexpected bout of chronic migraine, or enduring many other ailments people rely on cannabis for.

The Great Divide

The truly-in-need, demand synchronicity in access with a clear divide between the two. Cannabis patients deserve priorities no different than the disabled deserve handicapped parking spaces. New regulations to allow such access should not have to wait. Medical marijuana is still widely respected and accepted as a necessary contribution to maintain a normal quality of life for man. Despite lacking clinical trials for true federal acceptance in full. Let us speak and demand what we deserve, to ensure we are not left without our needs.

Responsible Adults

A presence of responsibility must be kept within this consistently developing culture. Only responsible use is truly medicinal cannabis. Irresponsible use by self-inflicted ignorance, a blissful risk free pleasure, sits in the domains of recreation. Whereas irresponsible use by cause of inaccessible guidance is a failure of the system. A people’s market is a way to truly dispose of the failure, while seamlessly drafting the blissful into self-guided therapy. In a time where we are in need of mediating a constant stream of excessive stimulation, it is the people’s right to have appropriate access. A medicine fit perfectly for us to adapt into an evolved civilization, so long so prejudices are stripped and restrictions are blended into self-guided responsible cannabis use.

Let us enjoy blissfully and medicinally.

Featured image courtesy of In Your Area.