Now HIGH-ering: 7 Cannabis Jobs You Might Not Have Thought About

If you’re thinking about looking for a job in the rapidly budding cannabis industry, you’re in luck. Many places are looking for talent. If you have a skill that you’re good at, chances are it can be applied to the cannabis sector. Now you might be thinking to yourself, I’m not great at rolling joints and I don’t know a lot about stoner stuff, so I guess that crosses me out. This is not true. You don’t have to get high just to get HIGH-ered!

The cannabis sector is comprised of a multitude of different professions. It’s more than just pot growers and budtenders. Many of these professionals have never even seen a pot plant (till now). Many of them don’t consume cannabis either (or didn’t). Professionals from all walks of life have found placement in the cannabis sectors many ancillary services. It’s not just about growing, selling, or smoking pot, it goes much HIGHER than that.

What Are Some of The Different Jobs in The Cannabis Industry?

If you’re still reading this, then chances are you’re looking to get a job in this budding green sector. Now is the time. The opportunities are endless for anyone who is dedicated and motivated. Don’t be fooled, it’s not all as fun as it looks. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that many people don’t realize.

1. Real Estate

Everything from a cannabis grow to a dispensary storefront, head shop, t-shirt and novelty store, to doctor’s offices and more need to use the services of a real estate company. Just think about all the people moving to legal states looking for places to rent and buy too. The real estate market is seeing towns that were going under beginning to thrive thanks to cannabis legalization. Imagine Haswell Colorado with a bud and breakfast or a dispensary in it. Commercial and residential property would be in demand again. It’s a great time to be supporting the growth of the cannabis industry and community.

2. Writing

The services of writers are needed for everything from web copy to emails, add campaigns, blogging, product descriptions, bios, press releases and more. Especially writers who know the cannabis language, community, culture, industry, and lifestyle. After all, everything that is cannabis uses words to convey what it is and what is does to the audience. Blogging alone is essential for a business or cause to rank. SEO is hard. SMO, what’s that? Metadata and meta-descriptions, ok, who can I hire? Canna-Lance has you covered. Contact us today.

3. Information Technology

The IT field is a growing sector for the cannabis industry. From seed to sale, software and computers keep track of virtually everything. To keep a business running right somewhere at some point in the chain an IT specialist is required. From set up to sale IT professionals are as important as the seeds themselves. Could you imagine working for a cannabis business as their lead IT person? From structured cabling to cyber security and everything in-between, a great IT person is a must for a thriving cannabis business.

4. Accounting

This doesn’t have to be a cubical number crunching job with no sunlight pulling long hours. You can pull those long hours and work with exotic plants! Seriously though accounting has become very vital for legal cannabis businesses. After all, if the “MAN” has somebody tracking your every dollar you better have somebody doing the same. We all know what crooks the government can be. Don’t end up letting them ruin your trip to White Castle.

5. Legal 

Lawyers are needed in this industry too. From legal representation of abused citizens arrested for their possession of a plant, to adhering to local legal compliance lawyers are as needed as seeds. While most of the cannabis culture isn’t a fan of lawyers many of us have had to have one at some time or another. Imagine if they were cool lawyers, ones that understood us. Then there is the aspect of business licensing and the trademark process. Lawyers make this painful time a lot less painful by removing what’s confusing and handling the paperwork for you. Just a heads up, NORML has a list of great cannabis lawyers if you are by chance in need of one.

6. Security

This a huge area that many people don’t think about. Everything from logistics and transport to in house security is needed. This is an avenue that is employing many of America’s veterans. Being they are trained to handle weapons and to react on a moments notice, it makes them perfect candidates for security positions. Security also goes into the private sector where the care of high profile money makers such as dispensary owners and investors are involved. Events and function that are cannabis-related also require security like any other event.

7. Engineering and Architectural Design

It takes a special kind of mind to intertwine all the electrical and plumbing into a cannabis grow, let alone into the flow of the building. Factor in filtration systems, reverse osmosis and water treatment stations, plus the general function of the building. Now, make it all look good too. If you have never had any involvement with this type of work you will soon see these professions are so important.

Cultivating Your Dream Job

With cannabis legalization, the chance to establish future generational wealth in a billion-dollar industry is becoming a reality for thousands. There is pretty much no job that can’t benefit in some way from cannabis legalization. For the jobs lost such as jailing, policing, and counselling, we can replace them with jobs of teaching and drawing chalk flowers on sidewalks.

Cannabis is medicine. It should be a choice. If you have shills them its time to make the green to pay the bills with a good paying job in the cannabis industry. If you want to see a great example of all of the mentioned work above in one place take a tour of Medicine Man in Denver Colorado.


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by JamesP from CannaLance (