Allard Trial: Day Three Video

Cannabis in Canada’s Jason Wilcox with exclusive interviews and footage from outside the courthouse, where the landmark Allard et al. proceedings are taking place. This is the most important legal action in the fight against prohibition in Canada in recent history, and CinC is on the ground, fighting for you and your gardens!

Jason speaks with the estimable Dana Larsen, while throngs of supporters can be seen lining the streets, who claims this action will set the template for legalization across Canada.

Amazingly, CinC has been denied “official” access to the courtroom, something that made Secretary of the Cannabis Rights Coaltion, Jenn Bennett, “irate” as she says she had been given access several times in the past by the same court security agents.

Jason also speaks with, and gets exclusive reaction from, Kirk Tousaw (Coalition attorney), whose insight into the proceedings give us all hope and show that the government’s prohibition is out-dated and counter to public rights and law.