The Coalition: Past to Present (2012-2015)

A visual review of our work to date. It has just begun, friends. But we’re getting there. This is a battle we won’t lose.

From our lead attorney, Mr. John Conroy, QC:

“This case is being handled on a donations basis bearing in mind that many patients are on medical disability pensions. To date, we have raised a total of $204,962.69 through both the Coalition against Repeal group organized by Jason Wilcox and by direct deposits via credit card or otherwise directly to Conroy and Company for this case. The Coalition group has forwarded the sum of $95,000 to Conroy and company since January 2014 and has further funds in its community account of approximately $18,000. Conroy and company has billed $133,707.73 to date since October 2013 of which $51,995.49 approximately has been paid to other lawyers assisting with the case (Tonia Grace, Kirk Tousaw, Bibhas Vaze and Matthew Jackson). We currently have $71,254.96 in the firm trust account that we are holding back in part to ensure we have enough to cover all expenses through the trial. Mr. Conroy has unbilled time recorded in relation to this file, totaling $307,808.56 in addition to the work performed above reflected in the billings to date. Many patients who are Plaintiffs in the class action suit over the privacy invasion relating to the Health Canada letter have completed pledge forms with respect to a percentage of their damages from that case, when it hopefully conclude successfully in the future. The pledge form has been put back up on the webpage so that others who wish to contribute in this fashion can do so.”

Read the entire statement here:

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