Why Cannabis Should be legalized in India (2)

Like many other countries, cannabis is illegal in India. Still, millions of consumers find ways to get high. For the last 35 years, enthusiasts and activists across India have been trying to decriminalize and legalize cannabis.

Why cannabis should be legalized in India

Here are some points that need to be understood to know the importance of cannabis legalization in India and how this can positively impact the country.

Cannabis legalization in India will help end to illegal trade 

Decriminalizing cannabis eventually decimates production in the black market. With the market controlled by the government, merchants and farmers, it stays out of the hands of drug dealers or criminals. 

advantages of cannabis legalization in India

Medical advantages of Cannabis

Modern scientific research has proven that cannabis has a lot of health benefits. It improves metabolism, relaxes muscles, and reduces anxiety. Many patients incorporate cannabis in their holistic care. Better yet, it’s available to all of us through legalization.

cannabis legalization in India

Hemp is a superior crop 

Apart from medicinal properties, the rest of the cannabis plant has many other uses. When cultivated at extreme proximity, the plant grows taller, producing lesser branches, longer fibres and lesser psychoactive compounds. Hemp has incredibly strong fibres for producing ropes, textiles, and so much more.

Hemp fabric
Hemp Fabric

Cannabis is a million-dollar industry 

When Colorado legalized cannabis, it created thousands of jobs. Every part of the plant is usable and can replace hundreds of current products that cause environmental harm. Hemp is the most effective solution, from furniture to clothing, fuel to bio batteries. 

Decriminalizing will guarantee quality 

Government regulation of the cannabis industry ensures no adulteration. In India, drug dealers often mix cannabis with adulterants such as chemicals to change the texture or colour. 

decriminalizing cannabis will guarantee quality

Cannabis legalization in India can bring an end to toxic synthetic culture 

All synthetic products require lots of chemicals during manufacturing. Be it plastic or nylon, these products have no biodegradable value and damage the environment during production. Hemp, on the other hand, can be cultivated without any chemical additives and uses minimal water. Cannabis can produce eco-friendly alternatives to most of our domestic needs.

The future is green

Decriminalizing cannabis is the key to a better future everywhere. Our survival as fellow earthlings depends and the harmony of the planetary atmosphere. This marvellous plant has the power to rejuvenate society with its countless benefits. If your country still criminalizes cannabis, let us know in the comment section how decriminalization would benefit your life.