Ardent FX Product Review

If you’ve stunk up your house getting your flower ready for edibles, you’ve surely thought there has to be a better way. The good news is that Ardent has created a solution and, as a bonus, provided an oven to bake your edibles in! Keep reading to learn more about how this may be the answer to your dreams of making edibles easier.

Explaining Decarboxylation

If you’re not familiar with the term, decarboxylation is the process that activates the compounds in cannabis. It isn’t necessary when smoking or vaping because the level of heat applied instantly decarboxylates the cannabinoids.

When making edibles, adding the flower on its own won’t give you any of the effects you’re looking for. If you do feel anything, it’s just the tip of what you could be feeling if you activated the flower before cooking or baking with it.

Introducing the Ardent FX

Ardent FX in case and silicone sleeve in box
Ardent FX in the case and silicone sleeve box

The Ardent FX is a portable cannabis kitchen. It’s an easy-bake oven for cannabis lovers with four times more capacity than Ardent’s first device, the Nova. The Ardent FX allows you to:

  • Decarboxylate
  • Infuse
  • Bake
  • Melt

The big bonus the Ardent FX offers is that you can decarboxylate your flower without stinking up your entire house. The smell-free feature is a bonus for anyone living in an apartment that isn’t friendly to the smell of cannabis.

The functions available mean you can make homemade herbal remedies, your oils, create cannabis butter, and prepare the flower to use in baking and cooking by adding them directly.

You can decarboxylate to different settings depending on the cannabinoid you’re looking for:

The Ardent FX has four different settings. The various settings determine the level of heat the device uses. The temperatures for THC and CBD differ from the temperatures used for infusion and baking.

The maximum amount of flower you can use in the Ardent FX is four ounces.

Whether you use 110v or 220v, you can buy a model that suits your energy requirements. Once you register your device, you will have a 1-year warranty.


  • Discreet packaging and branding – it’s not obvious the device is cannabis-related
  • It comes with a convenient carrying case
  • One-touch decarboxylation
  • Decarboxylate and infuse in one appliance


  • Some users claim there’s still a noticeable smell
  • Limited to substances you can infuse – alcohol not recommended


Ardent FX, silicone sleeve, and case
Ardent FX, silicone sleeve, and case

After decarbing bud in our oven and worrying that my father-in-law would get a contact high, I was excited when I learned about the Ardent FX. I bought the device during Ardent’s Black Friday Sale, so I got the handy silicone sleeve, which I find super convenient when infusing MCT oil.

While I’ve read some reviews on social media that complain that they’re getting a strong smell from the Ardent, that’s not my experience. We recently moved back into our condo, and I was paranoid that the neighbours could smell what I was up to, but my husband reassured me that he didn’t smell anything.

I haven’t tried making butter yet, but I’m excited to infuse the butter in the Ardent FX after trying the stovetop method!