BC Bud isn’t going anywhere

Why coerce us with federal restrictions? The knife is in already by comparing unlicensed farmers to organized crime, now they twist it and raid the vendors.

Why regulate any entrepreneurial class with government restrictions?

All our capital-and-technological advancements have originated from the market.

The state corrupts everything it touches. New powers are always discovered, people reward themselves with money taken, not earned. The term “social services” is nonsensical.

Private enterprise demonstrates value. Bureaucratic hierarchies, on the other hand, are the bastard children of Soviet influence, a concerted effort to loot the wealth of a nation.

In collusion with chartered banks, government borrowing has crowded out private interests to benefit others. As a matter of fact, debasing the currency is rendering each generation poorer in spite of market progress. Capital consumption is the price we pay for statist civilization.

Physical scarcity demands this ends, or at least slow down significantly. The Emperor can’t wear clothes forever, and sometime in the last 17 years, he’s lost a few garments.

Liberals want Ottawa regulating cannabis-farm production. This won’t do. Not if “seed-to-sale” tracking is imposed.

In the meantime, civil disobedience is nonviolent. Overgrowing the government, visiting your local dispensary, attending farmers markets — this is how people challenge a regime.

The Liberals, unlike Hillary Clinton, will not go gentle into that good night. Legalization is happening in broad daylight, then again on the 6 o’clock news.

They’ve opened this can of worms.

Meanwhile, why shouldn’t chants like “lock her up” apply to politicians? Why shouldn’t cannabis be grown and sold without restriction?

Who is financially responsible for this bloated indebted nation-state anyway?

The voters themselves? Including the ones who voted from between 1948 and before they died in 2010?

What about these 20th-century adults? It wasn’t until the internet’s fake news challenged orthodox opinion that people came to realize what a mess they’ve inherited.

And like a certain monolithic institution from 16th century, this current political class could benefit from a reformation in the masses.

In spite of our extravagance, and since the entire world doesn’t live this way, we may think it wise to question a few things and espouse various forms of nonviolent action.

Is a monetary system benefiting the top 0.01% really the healthiest way to achieve common goals of humanity? It certainly isn’t the best way of legalizing cannabis.

If or when these political reality shows seem like a distant nightmare, maybe agricultural hemp will be specialized into capitalist factors of production, and into goods like oils and plastics.

Meanwhile “the law is the law” is not an appropriate response for specific acts of human behaviour. If the law is deterministic then inconsistency never enters the game.

By removing contradiction from law, you remove the ability for human beings to consider and judge the equities of each individual case.

Absolute law is tyranny.

Government and LPs are breaking the law” works just as well as “unlicensed farmers and vendors are breaking the law,” so in the meantime, patronize your local dispensary, find your local farmer, smoke a joint and celebrate.

BC Bud isn’t going anywhere.