Behind the creation of "Ahmed" - Interview with Kresnt

Behind the creation of “Ahmed” – Interview with Kresnt

Afghan Canadian rapper Kresnt has been making waves for a while now releasing 4 albums and roughly thirty singles in the past two years. He frequents the cover of amazon music and the front page of Apple Music Canada. Priding himself on his diverse range of vocal ability and his lyrical storytelling. To know more about his new album we bring to you the famous rapper Kresnt interview where he has shared many interesting details.

“It’s easy rapping or singing about nothing… or about how much better I am than other people but that shit gets boring.”

– Kresnt

His honesty and relatability are very apparent and a huge draw for his fans who follow Kresnt not just for his music but because they relate and like him on a personal level.

“Speaking with my audience on real matters helps differentiate myself and allows my music to grow with them rather than get outdated.

– Kresnt
Photo of Kresnt, from his Spotify.

Album break down

The sound used by Kresnt

This project is pretty mellow in tone, it’s soft and melodic working with a slower BPM. Notes and words are drawn out and fade into the distance giving the project a very melancholy feel leaving space for Kresnt to explore and express himself lyrically. He creates intricate storylines through each song using lush instrumentals and dynamic beats. Kresnt rolls simple catchy choruses into complex verses that express his inner feelings. Auditory standouts from this project include “Valley of darkness” and “Soul search“. The two use soft drawn-out instrumentals and verses that contrast with upbeat punchy choruses, which perfectly characterizes the inner turmoil Kresnt is experiencing.


Kresnt has always been open and honest as an artist. Yet “Ahmed” reaches a new level, by revealing his true name as the title of the project and being very candid on every track diving deep into complex topics. “Ahmed” is a short but sweet album that focuses on storytelling and self-expression above all else.

“The goal with any of these projects isn’t quantity, it’s when I feel like the story or journey needs to end.”

– Kresnt

The album contains seven tracks that build upon each other contributing to the deeper message behind this project.

 “I’ve never been shy or hesitant to explore my insecurities, or teach lessons that I’ve learnt in life”

– Kresnt

Derived from his relationship with his city and its people, “Ahmed” deals with themes of the isolation and betrayal Kresnt has experienced in the pursuit of personal goals.

“Ain’t no love, In the heart of the city, Played my Part, Hope y’all still with me”

– Kresnt, Heart of the city

“I love the city but it’s time to move out, find a new route, Its crowded, And no ones really about it, When they see, something makes waves, Man, they try and go drown it”

– Kresnt, Valley of darkness

“This city is so small, I see the same people everywhere, They always tryna tear me down, And in my ear about some wack shit, And I just, I, I can’t, I feel restricted in my own city, yo, Like I can’t be myself, I just feel really stuck, ya know?”

– Kresnt, Soul Search

Throughout each track, you can feel Kresnt’s pain, and can’t help but relate to him. As he grapples with the relatable feelings of being betrayed by those you’ve supported, all the while striving to be nice and preach positivity. The point of this project is not to be mad or upset about what happened, but to express feelings and move on unburdened.

 “Themes of disloyalty, lack of hometown love and heartbreak is something that you need to get over quickly in order to be great. I treat people like family and always expect them to do the same. This is where I made the mistake… The world has a population of over 7 billion people and you want to impress your local community? Get acceptance from your high school peers? Fuck ‘em and just keep working.”

– Kresnt

Kresnt idol – Ahmad Zahir

Kresnt also takes this time of reflection to pay tribute to one of his idols, famous pop singer Ahmad Zahir; who is a legend in the Afghan music industry for how he pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and reimagined what music he could create. He traveled the world gaining influences from many cultures, implementing them into his music. He has always been a huge inspiration for Kresnt. Zahir has been referenced on every project Kresnt has released. However on “Ahmed,” Kresnt has given Mr. Zahir the spotlight. Paying homage to him, through the album and singles covers, features in the music video “Soul Search“, and in the album’s title itself “Ahmed” (Kresnt’s legal name) is a reference to Mr. Zahir’s first name Ahmad.

“This project had moments where I felt the reincarnation of his spirit, The reason behind the image was to help resurface his image and bring more light back to his original pictures. As a man who went against the grain and pursued a career in something that is still looked down upon in our culture, there was no way I could not show homage to Ahmad Zahir.”

– Kresnt

Recovery Roads

The project’s storyline culminates with the last track “Recovery Roads.” It’s the longest track in the project and has a dark, forbidding beat, coupled with verses that leave nothing to question. It has a powerful effect that leaves a mark of sorrow in your heart. The track unites all the themes of the album in a painfully honest expression of Kresnt’s inner feelings. How he feels about his city, how people he’s trusted hurt him, the controversy in his family because of his choice to pursue music, and how he feels towards his career in the music industry itself. The good the bad the ugly, it all is there. We see inside Kresnt’s mind as he wonders if he will lose the people closest to him in the pursuit of his career and what will happen if it all comes crumbling down. He talks about how alone he feels due to his focusing on work and pursuing his goals. He brings it around again paying his respect to his older brother and manager Kane for his support and thanks him for always being there for him.

“Still in my zone, Thanks to me and my older brother, See we let our dreams, Intervene, And get between, … I can’t stand on my own that’s why I got Kane”Recovery roads.

– Kresnt, Recovery Roads

Final words

To sum up, “Ahmed” is a well-written and produced collection of music, that deals with complex subjects openly and honestly in a matter that we all can relate to.

Thank you for the continual support and just know the best is yet to come. Listen to every project from the start to finish because everything is sequenced for a reason. Love yall!” 

– Kresnt

I encourage you to check out Kresnt’s music and to get more info on each track and read the lyrics for yourself.

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