Open Studio Saturday Livestream episode 2 featured a podcast, DJ sets, and photoshoot with Chaos Club, 2Track Entertainment, and DJ Kelland.

The Livestream kicked off with a podcast featuring Studio710‘s own Jarret Lopez and special guest Denton Milton; Owner-Operator, and Head Engineer at 2track Entertainment Inc. They touch on topics including the commercial music scene and studio management. From there they move onto a photoshoot where they are paired with a photographer and/or videographer to execute a creative concept in 90 minutes. Meanwhile, there are DJ sets by Shway, Xander Rose, and finally the headliner DJ Kelland.

Last month’s episode featured a podcast with Aman Bassi followed by a behind the scenes photoshoot with our resident photographer Jose Insunza and videographer Jay Cho. This was followed by DJ sets from Take Two, Baedrian, and headliner Nostalgix.

Episode 1

Which local business or creative would you like to see in the coming episodes? Let us know in the comments below! Tune in this Saturday for the next episode!