Today’s interactive cannabis crossword puzzle is all about weed around the world. Time for a bit of trivia! Sit back, twist one up, and get ready to play!

1. Bhang is a popular cannabis drink often consumed during Holi. What country did Bhang originate from?
2. This country was the first to legalize cannabis. The name starts with the letter U.
3. On Oct. 17, 2018, this country became the second to legalize cannabis.
4. Despite the strict laws of this hermit, totalitarian kingdom, cannabis is legal in this asian country. Two words together, no space between them.
5. Cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands. Regardless, this dutch city is famous for its coffee shops and space cake.
6. Cannabis is a huge part of a common religion in this tropical country.
7. Cannabis will never grow outside on this fully frozen continent.
8. Humboldt County, in this US State, is legendary for its sun grown cannabis crops.
9. This African country sits on the Ivory Coast and is known for being cannabis friendly. The first letter begins with G
10. Also known as a marijuana cigarette, Europeans love to roll hand roll bits of hash into tobacco and cannabis to make one of these.
11. What city is host to the cannabis Festival Spannabis?