Border Officials Hold Child’s Seizure Medication

The family of an four-year-old B.C. child are wondering how they’ll treat her severe seizure bouts after border officials stopped the transport of medical cannabis oil.

The family had used Charlotte’s Web, an oil produced in Colorado, to treat Kyla Williams’s over 300 seizures a day for the past year, but now that relief is in jeopardy.

“These children cannot be without this oil. It’s a terrible situation. Why is medical cannabis still such a threat?” said Elaine Nuessler, Kyla’s grandmother. “I just wish the border officials could see the faces of the children they are affecting.”

Charlotte’s Web is designed specifically for children, with a THC content of .3 per cent, the oil is sold as a dietary supplement in Colorado.

While Nuessler said Canadian manufacturers have stepped forward with offers to supply similar products, she doesn’t believe there are comparable oils to Charlotte’s Web and doesn’t’ want to start experimenting with a new oil.

A spokesperson for the Canada Border Service Agency said “it is illegal to import or export drugs including marijuana and its’ derivatives, whether medicinal or not.”